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    I bring good news myrams.

    First of all we ain't going to get anywhere without a little cheese to help us along the way. So let’s look for the cheese shall we? It comes wrapped in the ordering of these remaining games.

    Let’s take the Rams next two games. The easier of the two will be the Eagles. DOH! Just hold on I will tie it all together into a nice meaningful post that will leave you feeling a little better about the chances we have in making the playoffs.

    For arguments sake lets say we get passed that powerhouse team in the dessert this week then.
    "OH MY GOD ITS THE EAGLES" surely we are doomed.
    I Dun't thonk sew.

    This may be a cupcake opponent
    Now while everyone is saying that we are going to lose to the Eagles, they are forgetting that the Eagles can clinch home field advantage with a win at home against Dallas or Atlanta loss vs. Carolina.

    In case you dun't get it and notwithstanding they owe us one from the final game of the regular season in 1999 the Rams game might be meaningless to Philly and I would say it most likely to be the case. Considering that they sure as hell don’t want to take any unnecessary risks that will get one of their top players hurt. (I am afraid The city of Philadelphia would not take kindly to that and who knows what those sub human fans would do.)

    Common sense. 3 straight losses in the NFC Championship game. Would you take a chance on getting your guys hurt? We can win that game and quite possibly have one of the easiest games of all the playoff contenders that week.

    See how that works? OK Want more proof? Look at the Whiners schedule and their final opponent. Anyone savvy with NFL politics knows that the NFL frontloads the whiners schedule with cream puffs and if they have to play a tough game then it is always followed by a home game or the bi-week is launched before their tuffy so they can maintain their unfair advantage over the rest of the league as it is written into the constitution of the NFL.

    Any remaining adversity is ordered at the end of the season when it is most likely a meaningless game. Week 17 Whiners at Patriots.

    You’re welcome

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    Re: I bring good news myrams.

    I totally agree. I like our chances at home the last two games of the season. This week, no way does the Seahawks go into NYC and beat the Jets when the Jets can clinch this week. The fire to reach the playoffs will be gone when they come to the Ed to finish the year.

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    Re: I bring good news myrams.

    RamTime, so be it, my friend. It makes sense and, well, thanks for the good news. :upset:

    Right now it is difficult to remove the dismal, disturbing image of our performance on Sunday Vs Carolina. And for that matter, that game relives the other sorry loses we've suffered this year.

    Like patience, hope is a virtue as well. We have limited chances of going deep this year -- as do several other teams. But the odds are there and as you point out, it CAN work out.

    I appreciate your optimism. Let's face reality together and try our best. IF Bulger makes a come back and IF the rest of the team, everybody, gets together, we may, deservedly or not, have a go at the playoffs.

    We could at least save face. :tough: What has me worried right now is Chandler playing again but he too can recover and regroup. ...I hope.

    Chris Chandler has recovered from many blows before and being back here with the Rams is probably his last NFL venture. May he leave with the dignity of trying his best with what we have.

    Like a beat-up boxer late in the fight, all bloodied and stumbling, he can gather the strength of pride and land one final, lucky strong wacker to win. ...I hope.


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