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    I can't stand Manumaleuna, no buts about it...

    What do the Rams see in this guy other than a big body? He has cuaght a few big passes, during his time with the Rams, but for all the horrible plays he has made I don't see how that makes up for it.

    It still boggles my mind as to why carolina made this guy an offer and then the Rams go and match it.

    Come on, the Rams went from the likes of conwell to this guy? I don't understand. I mean a high school coach would look at this guy and say: "he's a big boy but a bit of a sissy on the field" NEXT!!

    Monday night was my umpteenth last straw with this guy. Sure martin's pass to him was not great, but manu did not even try and fight for that ball. The colts LB started on his left shoulder and worked his way around manu's big backside, may have pushed him slightly while getting in front of him and took that pass away. Manu literally stopped on the route as if to call on some island bubba magic to make the ball come to him.


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    Re: I can't stand Manumaleuna, no buts about it...

    Ed, you have to admit he has a great sounding name. Question, is he improving? My problem with him is that he doesnt seem to be a great blocker and who knows how good he can be as a catcher since we dont throw to him much. when we do throw to him, he is very erratic. Huge catch or blown route/drop, 50-50.

    I say bring back billy truax.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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