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    I don't really know how to say this

    So I'll just say it, (with lots of disclaimers to follow).

    I think our first game this year is absolutely HUGE!

    If we win that game, (no matter how), it is going to go a long way towards INSTANTLY changing the mindset of our entire team. They have beat us eight straight, (some resoundingly and some squeakers), but eight nonetheless.

    We are getting no respect, (and don't deserve it); Seattle is, and is getting a pass for last year due to injuries, (which we never did, but that's yesterday's news), and it's on the road against (in my mind now), our most hated rival.

    I would go so far as to say, if we win, we are looking at a guaranteed 9 wins, and maybe more.

    (Disclaimer 1): If we lose, we'll win the predicted 5-6 games, which I really am OK with, given the state of the team when Spags took over.

    But I can just see Spags quietly, in his own intense way, telling the team after the game; "See...! See what happens when you focus and play with intensity, when you play as a team, when you pay attention to the little things, when you trust and believe in each other?"

    (Disclaimer 2) Again, if the Rams play well and lose, but can walk off the field with their heads up, and leave the Seahawks thinking, "those were not the Rams we've played the last 4 years", I'll be fine, and in no way will think the season's history.

    It's just that (IMO) winning would have an incredible impact on the team's attitude... that would stay with the team the whole year, and one that Spags could point to the whole season and say, "Remember opening day, on the road, against our fiercest rival, in a hostile environment...?"
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    Re: I don't really know how to say this

    I agree with you, this game is huge. With how bad this team was last year, we need to come out of the gates in the lead. It would show them that this team is not even close to last years team.

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    Re: I don't really know how to say this

    I think our first game this year is absolutely HUGE!
    Couldn't agree more, Vegas. To walk out of Seattle with a "W" will be ginormous.
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    Re: I don't really know how to say this

    I can't argue with that. When you've lost as much as we have it is absolutely HUGE how we perform in the first game. If we get steamrolled on the ground for 300 yards and our offense sputters and can't produce a touchdown but settles for field goals no one is going to think "it's only one game" - everyone will be thinking "here we go again" and that's going to drag us down and hurt the team a lot mentally.

    The first game is H-U-G-E.

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    Re: I don't really know how to say this

    Agree !!

    Don't listen to the EXPERTS. Thier o-line is not what it was, (four sacks in 57 passes) and with thier big LT out, our new defense has a good chance of really getting to Brady Jr. Got to also remember that there is virtually NO FILM on this new defense. Not in regular season form that is. Lot's of tricks unrecorded come September 13th in Seattle !!!

    Maineram -

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    Re: I don't really know how to say this

    I think the biggest problem for the Rams in Seattle will be continuity. The o-line hasn't been together since the first week of camp. Donnie Avery has missed almost all of camp and Bulger still needs to develop timing with his new center and new receivers. Peyton Manning missed a lot of time in preseason last year and said it took half the season to catch up. He said even handoffs become trouble if you don't practice them. Throw in the fact this team is learning a new system.... If Seattle had these difficulties we'd be thrilled at the opportunity.


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