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    I feel sick about this one ("The more things change, the more they stay the same")

    Nine months.

    Nine months of analysis. Of free agent signings. Of draft prognositication and review. Watching mini-camp progress. New coaches. Training camp. Preseason.

    And now this.

    After nine months, the Rams do not appear to have changed.

    I'll give only one stat to make my point.

    Total yards: Rams 405, Niners 217.

    Let me repeat that.

    Total yards: Rams 405, Niners 217.

    How do you lose a game to a team that went 2-14 last year when you have a 405-217 advantage in total yards?

    It wasn't even the usual culprit - turnovers. The Rams actually had the advantage there too.

    Three things: (1) special teams gaffes, (2) Red Zone ineptitude, and (3) non-existent pass protection.

    If not for the run defense's fine play, I'd say that the Rams had failed to improve all of their most glaring weaknesses of last year. But 3/4 is nearly as bad.

    Who to blame? Who to blame?

    First of all, I won't hear of anyone blaming the defense. They did their job today for the most part. Same goes for Marc Bulger. Untimely interception aside, he was a big reason the Rams at least had a chance at the end.

    It makes me wonder why I bother. Why give so much energy to an entity that just doesn't seem to be able to take the necessary steps forward?

    Where's the progress?

    Something is missing. I could take the easy way out and just blame Martz, but I'm not even sure that's the problem.

    I just feel sick about this one.

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    Re: I feel sick about this one ("The more things change, the more they stay the same")

    It starts up front and we can't block.. How long have we used retreads and tried to patch that O-line.. It needs new blood -- BiG time... (a couple years ago we needed new blood).

    Punts - I bet we're 30th - 32nd in the NFL.. Punting was SO bad.

    Kickoff returns - Like 13 yards avg. San Fran had 26

    But, the O-line sealed our fate. You don't win when you give up 7 sacks - Period.


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    Re: I feel sick about this one ("The more things change, the more they stay the same")

    Its looking more and more like MM still doesnt recognize positions that needs to be addressed in the off season!............Especially bveing a offensive guru he should be able to see that it takes a good Oline to make his offense purr or be successful and i honestly cant see any thing good that has come out of this years draft or free agent signings on the offensive side of the ball yet allbeit just the first game but, he should have wanted to get the best Oline that he could have possibly picked up1............I agree with a few on here most of the line is washed up!

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    Re: I feel sick about this one ("The more things change, the more they stay the same")

    I feel sick about this one because we showed heart, kept our composure and put ouselves in a position to tie the game at the very least, only to let it slip away. To be so close to pulling out an amazing comeback, that was heartbreaking.

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    Thumbs up Re: I feel sick about this one ("The more things change, the more they stay the same")

    I too am just sick...period. I don't know where to begin.

    O-line ??? ARRGGGG !!!

    Bulger was behind the receiver on a lot of throws.

    I thought Hedge cooook was a ligit fullback, so where was the blocking for Jackson after the first quarter.

    defense, letting them march down the field, Battle looked like Jerry Rice today.

    Where was Arch, Hawthorne, Fisher, Groce... Late, Late, Late, that's where they were.

    Little disappeared after the first few series.

    Did I say I was just SICK.

    Thank God this is only preseason !!!!

    Maineram -
    and out of the ashes rise ...The Breakfast Club !


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