I too feel somewhat sick to my stomach after knowing that we got swept this season by the whiners.... but let me make a confession...

I'm somewhat relieved that we lost.

The last few nights I have had trouble sleeping, breaking into a cold sweat over the thought of a certain #5 running all over the Rams and the rest of the NFL, leading the whiners dynasty back to glory. Just as I felt sick last season when the prospect of them picking up matt leinart was in the air. Thanks to the loss today, the whiners are out of the reggie bush race, or at least significantly disadvantaged. I think they have to lose to houston next week and even then they may not get the first overall pick... ?

I live in So Cal and follow USC closely, going to some games, and that kid is just incredible. I'm pretty glad that we won't have to watch him wear a disgusting niners uniform and lead them to glory. Reggie has the potential to be the next Barry Sanders, and at least now he will do it for the jets or the texans or something (I hope!).