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    I have a Dream

    I have a dream that one day the NFL network channel will spice it up a little bit. After all watching the same thing over and over gets a little boring.

    I have a dream that NFL officials will one day be questioned by knowledgeable football fans who are also lawyers by trade. It would all take place live on the NFL Network with no jury except for each individual that wants to tune in.

    Sure it would only be in rare cases when a game is decided by completely negligent officiating such as the ***** / Giants playoff game (Another game comes to mind as well) and things just do not add up. Things that are happily accepted every day yet need to be questioned. The truth mandates all sides be told weather or not it reveals something fraudulent about a person or entity.

    That is my dream.

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    Re: I have a Dream

    Quote Originally Posted by RamTime
    I have a dream ...
    King had a dream too, and look what that got him. 35 years later people are still not judged by their quality of character ... but hold on to your dream ... it's all that one may have left ...


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