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Thread: I have faith...

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    I have faith...

    Av's thread on fans inspired me to start this one. Tell us what you have faith in that history or statistics may not support. For example...

    I have faith that Donnie Avery in only his second year will be able to step into the number one spot and put up big numbers as he fills the shoes of Holt.

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    Re: I have faith...

    the team will be a complete turnaround(and i didnt say win a bunch of games and go to the SB) in terms of willingness and attitude of playing which leads to a team Rams fans have been dying to see in years...


    Bulger will have a spectacular season

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    Re: I have faith...

    I have faith that we will always compete and try to win, no matter the score or the record, our Rams will keep on fighting till the season is over.

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    Re: I have faith...

    I have faith..... in both the front office and Spags and his coaching staff that we will be competetive next year and that they will bring in the right people and make the right decisions.

    Go Rams 09

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    Re: I have faith...

    I have faith that Keenan Burton can step up and be a big factor in this offense!

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    Re: I have faith...

    Faith or hope?

    Faith requires belief and belief for me is earned, not given.

    Hope doesn't require anything really except a desire to see something happen.

    I am hopeful Bulger takes to this offense and gets back on track and has a good year.

    I am hopeful the additions and subtractions result in a net positive effect.

    I am hopeful that SJ can stay healthy and have a big year.

    I am hopeful the O-line comes together and gels into a strong, cohesive unit.

    I am hopeful the defense with many of the same pieces from last year responds positively to the new coaching and schemes and those things make a significant difference.

    I do believe they are on a better track now than they were, that the coaching staff is a good one and that the team will be improved and will win more than 2 games next season. How much improved and how many more than 2 wins? I don't know. I hope a lot.

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