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Thread: I have an idea................

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    I have an idea................

    Lets use every excuse in the book to dismiss the absolute dreadful play of this football team.

    Well we gave up 228 yds rushing to Beanie Wells, but we have lost so many corner backs we can't expect better than that.

    Our offense cant freaking score touchdowns, but thats because of the shortened off season and offensive line injuries.

    Our coach doesnt challenge a clear non fumble recovery by the Cardinals, well he's too busy worrying about kicking fg's instead of scoring td's.

    We shelled out money to offensive lineman who couldnt block my 11 year old half the time, but we have injuries so that ok.

    Our number one "slot" wr went down so it's ok that no one else can catch the ball, if Amendola goes down we can't expect anyone to step up.

    Our offensive co-ordinator calls a draw play on 3rd and 9 with the game on the line but its ok because we cant expect back up lineman to protect Bradford.

    A team with a back up qb beat us twice and even though he isnt much of a passing threat but some how we gave up 228 yds rushing but thats ok because we lost 10 corners this year.

    You would think with no passing threat we might be able to stop the run but its ok we have injuries.

    Please im tired of the excuses, how bout someone being held accountable for a change. Every team in the NFL has had injuries and a short off season. We have had a lot of injuries to corners but I cant think of too many games where our corners flat out cost us the games. We have held 5 teams this year to less than 200 yds passing all losses, so i cant blame the corner backs for those. We have only given up more than 250 yds passing 3 times this year. We actually won one of those games. We have surrendered only 2 300 yd games all year. So please dont tell me about the cornerback injuries any more.

    I want to see our offense actually look like a NFL offense. Yes we have injuries but what team doesnt? Amendola is a slot wr and if losing him makes Bradford suck then maybe Bradford wasnt that good to begin with. The 4th down play calling is stupid, we have a 230 lb back and we run stretch plays to get one yard? Who does that? No excuse for being inept at what your doing. Let's not bother challenging the Cardinal recovery when clearly there was no posession before the defensive player went out of bounds but we will challenge other plays that clearly will not be overturned.

    Hey but this is all ok because we had a shortened off season a new offense and a rash of injuries. Lets just accept our team being horrible and blame it on excuses.
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    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: I have an idea................

    I have a better idea...

    You should try decaf.
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    Re: I have an idea................

    I'm with you rammiser.

    Blah! blah! blah! Enough with the excuses.....can we just win a damn game!

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    Re: I have an idea................

    This is a good thread. It does seem as if for every failure there is some "reason" why we didn't get it done. And it happens every year. Certainly, there is some legitimacy to much of the above. But when it becomes more convenient to dismiss poor play by dredging up excuse after excuse, it becomes tiresome. Neither the fans nor the competition are interested in excuses.

    The reality is, if we take care of business and play disciplined, smart football, even with the injuries, new o-coordinator et. al. we're 5-6, with home wins vs. Arizona, Washington and Seattle.

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    Re: I have an idea................

    I like this thread. I cringe when I see keep Spags because of the shortened season or we can't hold him accountable due to injuries. Please. The Rams fans should not accept losing and making excuses when we do. We plain just suck right now and change is needed from top to bottom. Yes, again.

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    Re: I have an idea................

    The only issue i would take with the thread is that when almendola went down, salas stepped up in a big way and was really contributing before he broke his leg. When salas went down, pettis has shown more than a pulse.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: I have an idea................

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel View Post
    The only issue i would take with the thread is that when almendola went down, salas stepped up in a big way and was really contributing before he broke his leg. When salas went down, pettis has shown more than a pulse.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel
    It's become very noticeable, hasn't it. Maybe Im not giving Salas enough credit, for some spirited play. It's pretty clear that Bradford is better with them, in the line up.

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    Re: I have an idea................

    I really don't understand the excuse of us having a shortened off-season.

    We weren't the only team to experience this, nor were we the only team to get a coaching change.

    Let's take a look at this shall we?

    Arizona Cardinals

    Defensive Coordinator -- Ray Horton replaces Bill Davis

    Atlanta Falcons

    QB Coach -- Bob Bratkowski replaces Bill Musgrave

    Baltimore Ravens

    Defensive Coordinator -- Chuck Pagano replaced Greg Mattison

    Buffalo Bills

    Linebackers/Assistant Head Coach -- Dave Wannstedt replaced DeMontie Cross

    Carolina Panthers

    Head Coach -- Ron Rivera replaces John Fox
    Offensive Coordinator -- Rob Chudzinski replaces Jeff Davidson
    Defensive Coordinator -- Sean McDermott replaces Ron Meeks
    Special Teams Coordinator -- Brian Murphy replaces Jeff Rodgers

    Cincinnati Bengals

    Offensive Coordinator -- Jay Gruden replaces Bob Bratkowski

    Cleveland Browns

    Head Coach -- Pat Shurmur replaces Eric Mangini
    Offensive Coordinator -- Vacant (to replace Brian Daboll)
    Defensive Coordinator -- Dick Jauron replaces Rob Ryan
    Special Teams Coordinator -- Chris Tabor replaces Brad Seely
    Bill Davis takes over as Linebackers Coach

    Dallas Cowboys

    Head Coach -- Jason Garrett has interim tag removed (replaced Wade Phillips in 2010)
    Offensive Coordinator -- Jason Garrett (serving as his own OC)
    Defensive Coordinator -- Rob Ryan (replaces Wade Phillips)

    Denver Broncos

    Head Coach -- John Fox replaces Josh McDaniels
    Offensive Coordinator -- Mike McCoy retained
    Defensive Coordinator -- Dennis Allen replaces Don Martindale
    Special Teams Coordinator -- Jeff Rodgers replaces Mike Priefer

    Houston Texans

    Defensive Coordinator -- Wade Phillips replaces Frank Bush

    Jacksonville Jaguars

    QB Coach -- Mike Sheppard replaces Mike Shula

    Kansas City Chiefs

    Offensive Coordinator -- Bill Muir replaces Charlie Weis
    QB Coach -- Jim Zorn

    Miami Dolphins

    Offensive Coordinator -- Brian Daboll replaces Dan Henning
    QB Coach -- Karl Dorrell replaces David Lee
    Special Teams Coordinator -- Darren Rizzi replaced John Bonamego (in the middle of 2010 season)

    Minnesota Vikings

    Head Coach -- Leslie Frazier has interim tag removed (replaced Brad Childress in 2010)
    Offensive Coordinator -- Bill Musgrave replaces Darrell Bevell
    Defensive Coordinator -- Fred Pagac replaces Leslie Frazier
    QB Coach -- Craig Johnson replaces Kevin Rogers
    Offensive Line -- Jeff Davidson replaces Pat Morris
    Special Teams Coordinator -- Mike Priefer replaces Brian Murphy
    Linebackers -- Mike Singletary hired

    New England Patriots

    Offensive Coordinator -- Bill O'Brien promoted (Pats had no OC last year)

    Oakland Raiders

    Head Coach -- Hue Jackson replaces Tom Cable
    Offensive Coordinator -- Al Saunders replaces Hue Jackson
    Defensive Coordinator -- Vacant (will replace John Marshall)

    Philadelphia Eagles

    Defensive Coordinator -- Juan Castillo replaces Sean McDermott
    Defensive Line -- Jim Washburn replaces Rory Segrest
    Offensive Line -- Howard Mudd replaces Juan Castillo

    San Diego Chargers

    Defensive Coordinator -- Greg Manusky replaces Ron Rivera
    Special Teams Coordinator -- Rich Bisaccia replaces Steve Crosby

    Seattle Seahawks

    Offensive Coordinator -- Darrell Bevell replaces Jeremy Bates
    Offensive Line/Assnt Head Coach -- Tom Cable replaces Art Veloro

    San Francisco *****

    Head Coach -- Jim Harbaugh replaces Mike Singletary
    Offensive Coordinator -- Greg Roman replaces Mike Johnson
    Defensive Coordinator -- Vic Fangio replaces Greg Manusky
    Special Teams Coordinator -- Brad Seely replaces Kurt Schottenheimer

    St. Louis Rams

    Offensive Coordinator -- Josh McDaniels replaces Pat Shurmur

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Offensive Line -- Pat Morris replaces Pete Mangurian

    Tennessee Titans

    Head Coach -- Mike Munchak replaces Jeff Fisher
    Offensive Coordinator -- Chris Palmer replaces Mike Heimerdinger
    Defensive Coordinator -- Jerry Gray replaces Chuck Cecil
    Offensive Line -- Bruce Matthews replaces Mike Munchak

    So let's stop using the excuse of having a shortened off-season while having a new coaching change. Twenty two other teams also had coaching changes.
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