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    I was impressed by our run defense

    we looked very stout against the run. i know the Niners arent a particularly strong running team but we have been gashed by them before. And seeing the RB being constantly stopped or pushed back on 3rd and short was just brilliant to see. The line looked strong, and i was impressed with Carriker. But it was just great to see the linebackers constantly making plays at the LOS. Chillar looked solid, Pisa looks bigger and stronger, and Spoon was just awesome.

    But once again this was a game where the defense gave up big yardage in the fourth quarter. However the blame for that has to fall on the offense. After driving down the field on the opening drive, the offense floundered, and the defense spent a lot of time on the field. If the offense could have just sustained a decent drive in the second half or in the fourth quarter, then the defensive numbers would have looked so much better

    we did lack a bit of a pass rush in the fourth quarter, but that seems to be because we were only rushing the four DL players. i know some people would have wanted to be sending some LBs at Dilfer, but that would have just left him more space to throw into.

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    Re: I was impressed by our run defense

    Actually I was watching in the fourth quarter and usualy there was 1 lb blitzing also with the 4 lineman, but regardless, we won ill take it
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