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    Re: I knew it! This is getting ugly! Cottrell a canidate

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Soprano
    This Thread is about the DEF COORD and you're still bashing Martz.
    You bring up Martz in every thread regarding Linehan. I could care less about Martz I only respond to your persistence in comparing him to Martz in every thread. Why don't you ditch the comparisons and move on. Forget about comparing to Martz every chance you get and support the guy he has not even made a major hire yet and you still are freaking out come on man get off the Martz bandwagon unless you want to ride the wagon all the way out of town. Get behind the new guy and give him a chance no need to get down about the future yet we have not even played one game with the new coach yet. To listen to you talk you would think the sky is falling because Martz is not here. No one wants Martz as a HC get over it.

    Martz has the best record out there among the Former Head coaches. That's something QUANTIFIABLE - his won/lost record. Linehan has his work cut out for him to attain the same won/loss record.
    Linehan does not have far to go to obtain the record of Martz team over the last two years 14-18. you forget Martz took over a super bowl team that had Faulk, Bruce, and Holt at their Prime and a much better defense. Linehan is taking over a 6-10 team with the 31st ranked Defense big difference.

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    Re: I knew it! This is getting ugly! Cottrell a canidate

    Quote Originally Posted by STLRAMSFAN
    I could care less about Martz
    No f'ing way did this come from STLRAMSFAN! Hell has frozen over.
    "I'm not going to hide my opinions. They're coming to you between 7000-4000 Angstroms for all the world to see. Oh yes, you will be enlightened."

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