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Thread: I know better, but...

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    I know better, but...

    I've said several times the Rams are two years away from serious contention, but Fisher said something interesting the other nite on his weekly show.

    Savard stated (asked) that it was maybe better losing Williams in March, rather than say June/July, and Fisher said "no, it wasn't because the defense would have been completely installed in June".

    My read is this: defense by committee doesn't work, and the D has played well in spite of that, and when, (not if) the Rams get Williams back, the improvement to the D, coupled with the fact that everyone, from Fisher to the practice squad, has a year in the system, and the team will be very competitive next year.

    The glass is half full, and/but Sunday is going to tell us a lot about this team.

    Have a great weekend, all.
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    Re: I know better, but...

    Hey Vegas I can totally see where you can take meaning by that but think we will be maybe a 8-10 team Next year but 2 years from now we will be a dominate 10+ win team!
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    Re: I know better, but...

    I fully expect playoff contention next year. And don't tell me "it can't happen" or "we're still rebuilding" or any of that nonsense that has become all too convenient over the years when explaining our failures. IT CAN ABSOLUTELY HAPPEN! Tampa, Indy, and even Washington- all teams that were not any good at all last year-have all made tremendous strides and find themselves looking at possible playoff opportunities. There is absolutely no reason in the world we can't be one of those teams in 2013.

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    Re: I know better, but...

    I agree with NJ here for sure and so does most of the board. I put a poll up a few weeks back and just about everyone feels we should be a playoff team next year.

    I think Vegas is saying we are two years away from being a real SB contender.It's one thing to make the playoffs like the teams NJ has listed it's another to be a real contender.

    We are still a team in the hunt this year... just saying.
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