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    Mooselini Guest

    I know it's a little too early...

    But what do you guys think we should address next year in the offseason?

    First off, we see that the defense is playing terrible. I believe that if we get a high enough pick, we should pursue Maualuga. If he isn't available, get Laurinitis. I'm not sure if the impact will be immediate, like Long, it may take a few games to see the vast improvement, but I think freeing up Witherspoon to the outside will help our defense.

    Offensive Line: We have Pace, Bell and Barron. Like it or not, Barron is pretty good at RT. We need a new Center or RG. I don't know any prospects coming out this year, but we need to go that way. If we get a left tackle, have him play on the inside until Pace retires. It's only a matter of time, but I think we have Pace able to play for a few more seasons....

    DB. I'm not sure who the free agents are, but I think we should get a CB in their fourth or fifth year. Someone who is proven. I know Devaney can fish us up a good one in the offseason. With Linehan and co gone, I think that is good enough bait to reel in a good CB to play for us.

    Safety. I know many of you guys would agree with me, but Chavous is a flippin joke. Maybe with our third round pick, we can pick up a good prospect. Though I'm not sure how many will fall to us in that round. Hell, if we get the first pick, we could get a second rounder to fall to us.

    WR. With Holt ready to book it from STL and getting up there in age even if he decides to end his career here. I think it's time to look for our future #3 receiver. I think Avery and Burton will eventually be our new #1 and #2. Bennett isn't cutting it. I think we could find one in the 4th round. Hell, we did it last year with Burton.

    These are what I think are priority. I know some of you will say QB, but we have Bulger for four more years after this one (or maybe it was five).

    Oh.......and COACHING STAFF!!!! Get rid of these morons.

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    PossumBoy9 Guest

    Re: I know it's a little too early...

    Locking onto a MLB high in the draft would be a poor plan. Laurinaitis deserves no mention relative to where the Rams will be picking.

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    Re: I know it's a little too early...

    I disagree that Baron is "good." I'd say he's "adequate," at best. I've long been a fan of bringing competition in at that spot to see if we can force him to tap his talent.

    Anyway, on to your point...the Rams should take a BPA approach in my mind. There isn't a position on the entire roster that wouldn't benefit from a talent upgrade, except LT, RB, and DE. And even at two of those positions there are good reasons to take talented players as Orlando is long in the tooth and we clearly need another RB to improve depth and play at that position.

    Honestly...think about it. Is there anywhere we *don't* need help?

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    DistantRam Guest

    Re: I know it's a little too early...

    Quote Originally Posted by chiguy View Post
    I disagree that Baron is "good." I'd say he's "adequate," at best. I've long been a fan of bringing competition in at that spot to see if we can force him to tap his talent.
    Greco is supposed to be providing the kick up the backside that Barron needs.

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    Re: I know it's a little too early...

    True, Distant, but if he really was pushing Barron, he'd be pushing for time inside at least. Then again, with the coaches scared to play rookies, he could be and not getting credit for it.

    Barron would be a solid RT if he got over his false starting issues. He gets some holding calls as well,but overall in protection he does a fairly good job. I think he just needs to go to a hypnotist to get the snap count ingrained in his head.

    As for the actual offseason, anything and everything is fairgame. The dolphins brought in a solid GM who knows how to build a team (coughHolmgrencough), and cleared house of even superstar veterans to start the rebuilding prcoess, and now they just killed the Pats winning streak. They're probably a 4-6 win team, but still, they're on their way. We need to do the same. Get what we can for who we can and start fresh, with a new coach that will play the hungriest guy and actually motivates them.

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    Re: I know it's a little too early...

    Good Post Mooselini. Here are my thoughts. Let me preface everything by saying I'm not terribly familiar with next year's draft, so these are kind of generic thoughts

    LT - The only time to really get a franchise LT is at the top of the draft. LT is a premier position so the top LTs go quickly and it's hard to find a "sleeper" late in the draft. Hopefully this will be the only time in the near future the Rams are high enough to get a franchise LT, so I'm all for drafting the next Orlando Pace to solidify our line for the next 10 years.

    C, RG - Generally you can pick up quality guards and centers later on, but I also saw that there were some real quality interior linemen that were expected to go near the middle to top of the 1st round. If the value is there when we're up, I'm all for grabbing one in the first round. If not, in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th rounds we really need a center.

    CB - It's obvious by now we need some major help in the secondary and a true shut-down corner is a very valuable commodity. I'd not mind taking a CB in the 1st round if the value is there, but really I'd rather grab one in a later round.

    SS - We need a SS and I'd prefer to draft one that can step in and immediately play. I think we can grab one in round 2 or 3 that can do that.

    LB - We need some help at LB, but unlike some other positions, you can find a good LB late in the draft. Oftentimes the best linebackers aren't the biggest or fastest guys around, but those with the best intangibles - the ability to see a play develop, the knack for being around the ball, etc. I say we grab a LB or 2 late in the draft and hope we strike gold.

    WR - We need some more depth at WR, but Holt has a couple years left and Avery and Burton have shown promise. Maybe grab somebody late, but we have more pressing needs that need to be addressed first. Also, a hole at WR isn't as big of a deal as a hole on the offensive line.

    DL, DE - We need some depth and somebody to play opposite Long after Little retires, but we have bigger fish to fry. Let's grab some help on the line late in the draft if there's somebody we like. If not, just hold off until later or grab a FA.

    QB - We're going to need somebody to take over Bulger's spot, but it doesn't need to be somebody who's going to contribute immediately. I say grab somebody late and see how he works out.

    RB - Always nice to have depth here, but we have too many needs to draft another RB IMO.

    TE - No
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    theodus69 Guest

    Re: I know it's a little too early...

    Maybe we should pull Brady Quinn from the Browns. Draft a QB for the futrue. We need one period. Draft a feww backers and a couple o-liners.and another DB.

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    Re: I know it's a little too early...

    Quote Originally Posted by DistantRam View Post
    Greco is supposed to be providing the kick up the backside that Barron needs.
    Yeah, that was the plan initially; but, unfortunately for the Rams, Greco is really more of a guard and therefore is not going to push Barron for time at RT. I'm sure he will be a fine player and all, but I really wanted someone from this draft to light a fire (insert The Doors song here) under Barron's rather voluminous gluteua maximus.


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