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    Re: I know ... its REALLY early to say lol but. ...2010NFL Draft...

    Quote Originally Posted by C-Mob 71 View Post
    Oh yeah, Taylor Mays all the way! I was hoping he would have came out this year, and if that would have been the case I would have been his biggest supporter, Curry be darned (Dang seahawk, but at least I've been saying all along Curry is gonna be a bust )

    Yes I wanted to draft a safety at #2- Nick called me crazy, but I think safety is becoming one of the most important positions in a defense. I have all the faith in the world that James Butler will come in this year and be a good contributor, but guys like Taylor Mays are game changers. QBs have to keep an eye on them every single play, they can solidify a weak running defense as well as be a great coverage player.

    Hey you never know, perhaps Mays has a subpar season and slips to us in the second round. And dont say it couldn't happen, I was hoping James Laurinaitis would have came out last year and we could have nabbed him with our 1st round pick (before I knew it was 2nd overall) This shows that in the wacky world of talent evalutors, some guys get to much scrutiny. JL performed at a high level for so long, scouts found games where he missed a tackle or two.

    So jump on the band wagon, Mays 2010!
    Mays will not slip in the second round, he is a workout warrior, Al Davis is gonna to take him.

    Si vous croyez en vous, que vous avez de la fierté, et que vous ne lâchez jamais, vous serez un gagnant.
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    Re: I know ... its REALLY early to say lol but. ...2010NFL Draft...

    I would like to see CB - Sidquan Thompson, Cal bears, on our roster next year. he can return kicks, sure tackler and a lock down corner. can't ask more then that.
    I'm not sure what round he'll go in but from what i've seen he should be a first day pick.

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