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    I know we still have to earn it,

    but I would like to see ONE writer at least allude to the tremendous significance of what is now transpiring at Rams Park.

    You see a lot of "...they're moving in the right direction, but are still in a rebuilding mode and blah, blah, blah...", but no one, including and especially the local media, has written the real story.

    I never liked Georgia, and still don't. I guess some St. Louisians might, or do, given her local roots and the fact that she brought the Rams to your city. Fair enough, but no one in the history of the NFL has done more to ruin a team than Madame Frontiere. But that's for another discussion, and I only bring it up because had she not passed, the team would have continued to suck as long as she was the owner.

    The real point of the story is the franchise was being run by an accountant and a lawyer. We lived with it for so long, and were so close to it, (and also because caught lightning in a bottle in '99), that we failed to see how utterly and completely ridiculous and insane the situation really was.

    Looking around the league, past and present, at the successful franchises, and it seems like very often the owner's and coach's name were linked together in the press. Cowher-Rooney, Schramm-Landry, Huizenga-Shula, Policy-Walsh, (this one hurts) Beliceck-Kraft, Irsay-Dungy, etc.

    Maybe the above were not exactly household names, but you get the point. Does anyone ever recall Shaw's or Zygmunt's name linked positively to any of our coaches from the last thirty years? Don't think it ever happened, or ever would have. Now, in only three months, howmany times have you heard "Delaney and Spags", or "Spags and Delaney"? Pretty cool, huh?

    I've been following this team for a long, long time, and have not felt this good about the team I love since Malavasi. I've never had a problem publicly procaliming I'm a Ram fan, but often have privately been less than proud of the organization.

    As in " small giant step...", we may not go far this year, but we have already come so far that our W/L record doesn't matter.

    The organization has taken its most important steps in the last quarter century, and it will become apparent very soon.
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    Re: I know we still have to earn it,

    Great post. I agree with you on Frontierie as well. But, and I say but, I

    Have a new optimism for this team and Chip....

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