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    maineram Guest

    Re: I like ramwraith but....

    Heck with the group hug... let's get a couple bottles of that great Scottish Whiskey we had at this years bash and forget all about this huggin, lovin, singin crap.
    What better way to let all your cares/worries, stresses, just drift away............away.......away.......Gulp, Gulp, Gulp !!!!!

    Everyone here is the best and what's understood....doesn't need to be discussed.

    Maineram - :drunk:

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: I like ramwraith but....

    Just when I was getting comfortable discussing my feelings, .. MaineRam sets me back 10 years !

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    Re: I like ramwraith but....

    One thing is for sure the Rams have given us a lot to talk about. Mainly trying to find answers for a 2-4 start that many of us would have thought highly unlikely before the season started. We have seen many ups and downs, Barron playing great, the defense teasing us the first two games then sucking, Incognitos contract, Player injuries (Bulger, Butler, Bruce, etc.), FO rumors of back stabbing, and MM going down and letting loose of the rains. I do appreciate every one here and the input they provide especially Dez and the Mods for putting in so much of their time.

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