Lance Kendricks finally gets back on track and has a big game. He is poised for a breakout. He showed that he can play in this league, in just 4 games. Had he not dropped all these passes he would have 4 touchdowns. He'd be in the top 15 tight end rankings I believe.

I think this week he unleashes. He was a Packers and Brewers fan growing up. He said he plays better when his family and friends are watching; they will be this weekend. Im ready to see a nice game from Lance.

I also think Rod Hood will be a good addition. In his prime he had 2 good seasons.

I actually think the Rams are competitive this weekend. Coming out of the bye, we had time to fix the little fundamental issues we had. Thats why I still have faith in this team. We are losing because of fixable things such as drops, bad blocking, and not enough pressure.

We had 2 weeks to sort those issues out, and I believe we will come out this weekend competitive. Lets hope for the best!