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    Smile I saw Adam Timmerman tonight

    He was at an Upward basketball program. Its a basketball league/program ran through a church that he attends. There are about 350 kids that play in the league. I did not realize he was one of the coaches until tonight when they had their end of the season celebration at the church. They have a nice big church with camera people that video the speaker and it gets displayed on huge screens on both sides of the speaker. They announced the teams and their coaches and they ran in together. They had over 20 teams varying in ages; they announced the team name along with their coachís names. The teams varied in ages. They announced Adam as one of the coaches and said that he will be moving back to Iowa and he will be missed. Not once did they ever refer to him as a football player. I quietly told my wife who he was and pointed it out to my younger kids. I was surprised how ordinary everyone treated him the pastor even threw a basketball off the stage toward him after having passed it around to some of the other coaches. The closest I got was probably 200 ft from him. Afterward I could have walked right up to him if I wanted to because he hung around the church. I saw him afterward with maybe four or five people around him in the front of the church while there must have been about 800 or more in the lobby eating snacks. However I did not want to bug him in a place that should feel like his family.

    I did some research tonight and found out that he made probably over 30 million from just the Rams after his Packer days. I also found out he had some of the other Rams play local Basketball games at two of the local high schools. I really liked the guy when he played for the Rams and I believe he is a class act.

    We need more Adam Timmermans setting the proper example off the field and I wish him good luck in his future endeavors.
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    Re: I saw Adam Timmerman tonight

    Good story RamsSB99, thanks for sharing. I always thought he looked like a great guy outside of football.

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    Re: I saw Adam Timmerman tonight

    He is a great guy. The Timmermans are down-to earth people. While many players would arrive at Rams Park in their high dollar cars, Adam would drive an old pick-up truck.

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    Re: I saw Adam Timmerman tonight

    I've always heard Timmerman was a great guy, several from Packers fans who loved him when he was there.
    Glad to hear he's doing well.

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    Re: I saw Adam Timmerman tonight

    great story,Timmerman is a st. louis favorite,he will be missed when he moves back home.

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    Re: I saw Adam Timmerman tonight

    Thanks for sharing that great story about Timmerman. When I read the title of this thread I thought for sure you were going to say you ran in to him at a DONUT shoppe.:r

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