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    I see a bright future...

    not just for the Rams, but for the whole NFC West. The Rams have a great offense for years to come, with a improving D. The hawks have a young D, with a lot of talent on both sides. It's obvisous the Cards are improving, and had a very good draft this year. Also the ***** are obvisoly in rebuilding mode, and with Nolan at coach, they should be back in the hunt in a few years with a few offensive needs.

    It may be the worst division now, but it has a bright future to become a very tough division in a matter of 2 or 3 years

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    Re: I see a bright future...

    I think the NFC West loses the 'Worst Division in Football' tag this season. The Seahawks and Rams will both make the playoffs IMHO, and the Arizona Cardinals will win 7 or more.

    I always found it weird how the worst division in football fielded 2 playoff teams last year.

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    Re: I see a bright future...

    Well, the Rams beat up the West and Seattle was fortunate to get Atlanta late in the season.


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