Seriously, I did talk to one of the docs at the hospital today. He's an OU alumnus, follows the football team very closely, and knows one of the docs who worked with Bradford.

He said he was told that everyone involved with Bradford's shoulder is extremely pleased with the way it has progressed, and that he is one tough little guy. He said he may not look it, but he's Bulger/Faulk tough, willing to play through pain (but stop it before stupidity and serious injuries step in) and do whatever it takes to win.

He also told me that as long as we keep Bradford's blind side protected, especially the LT spot, that he can "get away and cover his ....butt." He said he can "throw to almost any spot on the field" for a route, used to having time to check out at least 2 or 3 options before releasing the ball, and can change a play as needed to move the ball. Said Bradford is extremely smart with his choices, doesn't make stupid errors on the field very often. Of course, this is college he was talking about, but thinks he will likely carry it over to the NFL.

I am still not 100% sold on Bradford, I'm waiting to reserve judgement until I see what he does this year. What Bruce said today did make me feel a little more at ease....until he said Feely won't be able to run away fast enough. Makes me wonder if he knows something about our O-line.