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Thread: I think some expections need to be lowered

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    Re: I think some expections need to be lowered

    Imo Pead was looking to take the ball out the back of the endzone too deep. And he was ready to go imo also... He might have made a spectacular play on one of them but for some reason i feel Pead pushes too much and pushing could cuase a big turnover or big play in the wrong direction... He'll get his shot tho its only one game

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    Re: I think some expections need to be lowered

    I am a big believer in setting the bar high. Certainly one must be realistic and understand their team's strengths and weaknesses. But that doesn't mean you should EVER have low expectations because that's exactly what you'll get. It bother's the crap out of me when I see people predict 3-4-5 wins for a team. I think that's a loser's mentality. One must exude confidence to receive winning efforts in return.

    And expectations change throughout the season, depending on circumstances. For right now, however, I expect us to compete, fight our rear ends off and battle for a playoff spot. Only when and if that figures to not happen will I change my thinking.
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    Re: I think some expections need to be lowered

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    No excuses. The goal is to win.

    But I think we can all agree that today feels a lot different from the Monday after the Rams lost to Detroit 44-6 two years ago.
    Well, it sure reads like excuses. Excuses disguised as reasons why we should lower our expectations. Excuses as to why we should not expect to win and just be happy the game was close. That's how it reads to me and I'm not going to settle for that. Maybe that was not the intent, but that's my interpretation.

    Yes it felt different than the big loss you mentioned. But you know what? It also felt different than the big win we had against the saints one year ago.

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    Re: I think some expections need to be lowered

    When you lower the "standard", there is nothing to reach for. That means the performance will suffer.

    Same with expectations. If you lower them, you'll be satisfied with mediocrity.

    Let me explain it like this - if you lower your expectations in music, instead of Led Zepplin, you get Justin Beiber. I don't want the Rams to be Justin Beiber.
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    Re: I think some expections need to be lowered

    Im lowering nothing. Im thinking we're gonna go 15-1. LETS GO RAMS!! We can get into the playoffs this year.

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