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Thread: I think we're expecting too much out of our team this year.

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    Re: I think we're expecting too much out of our team this year.

    I don't think 7 or 8 wins is out of the question, but a number of things must fall into place for that to happen. Bradford must rebound. Steven Jackson can't get old on us. The receivers must improve, as must the offensive line. The young guys (draftees) must step up and show their worth.

    I believe Jeff Fisher will have us playing competitive football into the 4th quarter more often than not, and will instill a toughness in this team that will allow us to win a couple games we'd have had no shot at winning last year. It's a cliche, but attitude does indeed go a long way, and I think we'll see a very different mindset- one of confidence- as the season goes forward.

    Predictions of 9 or more wins are probably wishful thinking, though stranger things have happened (i.e. '99 Rams). But I simply refuse to think this is a 4 win team.
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    Re: I think we're expecting too much out of our team this year.

    19 wins or bust. Plain and simple.
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    Berg - I like the way you think.

    As NJRF said, we should see good football this year, (as opposed to the last 5), but this may not necessarily be reflected in the W-L record.
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    Re: I think we're expecting too much out of our team this year.

    When we can score 21 points or more we will win ballgames.
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    Re: I think we're expecting too much out of our team this year.

    Its hard not to when it comes to off-season. New year, new start. I'm sticking with my 7-9.

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    Re: I think we're expecting too much out of our team this year.

    Actually its way too early to predict W's & L's just yet. There are too many "unknowns" at this point. Usually I notice the picture becomes clearier after the 3rd game in preseason. Now granted some teams have history on their side to give a person some idea how tough or weak they may be.
    The Lions have really improved and are not the easy walk-over team; finally they have a good front office and are building a solid defense with a not bad offense.

    The Bears have always been tough, but their defense is getting old, and are trying to address weakness in their offensive schemes to keep their QB up right.

    The Cards are a major who-knows. They have talent but have they really brought it all together. Two years ago they let too many play makers go on both sides of the ball.

    The Packers-they have an offense, but have they a defense. As strong as they finished last year they didn't get as much help from the draft as a Packer fan would have liked. Have they plugged all the weakness on that defense?

    The Pats have in my oppion did the best of all the teams in correcting there troubles (on defense) of all the NFL teams-- as far as being on paper.

    The San Fran 49whinners--they still have their QB arguably the weakest link in that team, and if their defense has fallen off even a little, it spells a long season for them

    Bills, they play in a tough division and that makes them better--more because they have to be in order to keep them viable. But they have made some pricey moves in acquistions, especially for a low market team

    Bucs--yet another unknown, they have made changes but what are they trying to arrive at I haven't a clue; it appears they are working not on one particular weakness or strength but all of them at once--will it work, maybe

    Pete Carrol and his Seahawks--I don't think even they know what they are doing. They acquire, they play and at the end of it all they loose; at best I see them attempting to build a simular team that got them to their Superbowl--strong running the ball with a solid defense.

    The biggest mystery is the Rams--S. Bradford has yet to play for a solid Ram team, but has shown lots of promise in his rookie year. S. Jackson, when healthy is as solid as they come as a RB assuming the O-line can punch holes and gaps; C. Long could have had a better year if the Rams had a better play maker on the other end of the line and CBs, but he is decidely a solid player for the Rams. With all the weakeness and gaps in the team Fisher and company have made strides and improvement on. So 2012 season has potentual for better then expected results

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    Re: I think we're expecting too much out of our team this year.

    In short, anyone expecting "too much" insane.

    This still appears to be one of the weakest offensive units in the NFL (barring major contributions by rookies), as well as being one of the youngest teams in the league. A roster full of KIDS, is not a recipe for success in the NFL. Factor in a brand new coaching staff, the 3rd offensive scheme in 3 years (for the young QB to learn), little in the way of cohesion (anywhere) and it looks like another LOOOOONG season ahead. Baby steps should be best. Expecting anything more amounts to real delusion and little to no objectivity.

    The future looks bright. Just not the immediate future. We could realistically be looking at 2 picks in the top 10 next year! Combine that with a full year to gel (for the roster and staff), then we can start to get excited! This team is poised to be something the next 3-4 years.
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