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Thread: I Told You So!

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    Re: I Told You So!

    Quote Originally Posted by RANDYRAM View Post
    MY POINT is if the RAMS had drafted a good RB they could say by by to
    Steven Jackson for some first round picks if he held out on his contract!!
    And have a RB that is ready to step right in and play! witch takes leverage
    away from Jackson and lets him know your JOB is to be here or be gone!!
    Right now Jackson has no GOOD COMPETITION !!!
    LOOK at James Hall they got Chris Long and now all of a sudden Hall has
    been a terror in camp so far!!
    They let Hall know his job is on the line and now he has show en up!!
    He has COMPETITION!!

    Oh I get it he wants to get rid of a top 3 runningback so we can put in an unproven rookie who was already drafted. Come on guys stop ragging on him he is making perfect sense.

    In all seriousness if the rams felt that way, but their not idiots and they don't feel that way. They would've done what you said and at least shopped S-Jax to put their second rounder from last year Brian Leonard in. You say Jackson has no competition, but lets look at the competition of other top backs in the league. LT has small Sproles and 2 rookies. Even when he good back behind him like Michale bowling ball there was no competition there was no way he was loosing his job. Brian Westbrook Currell Buckholter and Lorenzo Booker.

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    Re: I Told You So!

    So, basically what I'm getting from all this is that he didn't tell us, and it isn't so. That about right?

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    Re: I Told You So!

    Yep, think that is what he is telling us idiots.:/

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    Re: I Told You So!

    Quote Originally Posted by rammiser View Post
    I'm just thankful people like RANDYMAN,YODARAM, and StLOUISRAM56 arent running the Rams. Randy would be drafting rookies to replace Jackson. Yoda would be benching Bulger and starting Green. STLOUISRAM56 would be releasing every player that held out. This means Faulk would have never played in 99, Ellard would have went to another team long before he actually did, and Pace would be someone elses bookend left tackle. I never thought I'd say this, but these guys make our front office look really smart.
    WHOA, rammiser! I am shocked that you would, casually, throw my (not so) "good" name in the "fray". If i had not seen my (not so) "good" name being dragged, unceremoniously, in the mud in this thread, i wouldn't have responded. Three points i would like to make:
    1. I don't agree with RANDYRAM's opinion in this thread. So i don't know if he's ready for our front office.
    2. I never said that Green should be the starter over Bulger.
    3. I have a "creepy" feeling that '56 sleeps wearing a hockey mask with a loaded sawed-off shotgun by his side. So..........he can release any player he wants.

    RAM ON!

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    Re: I Told You So!

    I'm going to laugh when Chris Long drills your little buddy at the scrimage.

    BTW, I don't think drafting yet ANOTHER RB would have Jackson keeping out of his contract. Whomever we drafted wouldn't start of Jackson. And the chance of a rookie coming to be better than Jackson are pretty low. He would still hold out, and keep your draft fantasy on the bench.

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