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yeah I'm far more worried about Pead than Quick/Givens. Mostly because I'm not worried about Givens or Quick at all.

Like I noted earlier, CJ Spiller, who is easily one of most talented backs in the league, had these same problems his first year and finished with a whopping 283 years on 3.8 yards per carry. Even though running back is one of the easier positions to pick up there is still an adjustment period. Another example is Reggie Bush. It took him years to become the player we thought he'd be.
Part of Bush's problem was he never learned to run between the tackles in college. He could usually outrun the linebackers to the sideline and turn upfield, which didn't work in the pros. I've been in New Orleans for some years now, and the joke around town always was that Bush was leading the league in sideline-to-sideline yardage.

From what I saw, Pead was having trouble identifying the holes in time to hit them. You can't watch for the hole in the pros, you have to figure out where it will open and hit it as it opens, because it closes right after. Hopefully he figures that out, not everyone does.