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    I will give the front office an "A" for effort.

    IMO the front office has put forth a good effort in trying to turn this team into a winner. After it became obvious that they could not retain Martz due to the FO, Martz or a combination of both. They put forth a good effort in their decision making IMO.

    1. Head Coach - They took their time and then gambled a bit by selecting a young, energetic but inexperienced Head Coach. Although inexperienced as a head coach he had a good resume as an offensive coordinator and he came to the Rams with a definite game plan on how he wanted to run the show.

    2. Defensive Coordinator- They selected an experienced Defensive coordinator with Head coaching experience that is not afraid to speak his mind.

    3. Isaac Bruce - They cut Mr. Ram the only remaining player from their LA days. Then they were able to resign him to a more cap friendly contract to help assure he retires a Ram.

    4. Key Free Agent Signings -

    A. Witherspoon- They got perhaps the best defensive player available. Which helped add veteran leadership to the LB's.

    B. Glover- They signed perhaps the best rushing DL available. He adds veteran leadership to the defensive line.

    C. Chavous- They added a very dependable and perhaps the smartest defensive back available. He provides leadership to the defensive backs along with being a solid performer.

    D. Frerotte- After seeing Bulger suffer numerous injuries over the last two years and some poor backup QB performances they went out and got a solid backup that has won several games in the style of offense that will be deployed. He will also provide an excellent sounding board for Bulger.

    5. The Draft-

    A. 1st Round- In the first round they took a chance and traded down to get an extra pick and a CB to help out what was a miserable group last year. Many thought they might take Bunkley.

    B. Trades- They took a chance and traded Manu then selected two TE's to try to help what was perhaps the weakest spot on the offense.

    C. Gamble- They took a gamble and selected Wroten a player that has had legal problems but has first round talent.

    D. Signings- They have signed all but the first round pick prior to camp. It looks like they have a good chance of getting that deal done soon especially with it being the only contract left to negotiate.

    6. Marshall Faulk- They showed Marshall the respect he deserves by waiting on his decision and not turning the scenario into a circus. They also appear as though they are going to pay him more then what they would have to.

    7. Restructured front office- Eliminated the general managers position and hired two vice presidents. Tony Softli was selected vice president for player personnel he will lead the player personnel department that will include Charley Armey, whose new title is vice president for pro personnel.

    The only possible negative I could see would be losing Pickett. However Pickett had his career year last year, which was also his contract year, and had we signed Pickett it would have stunned Kennedy’s growth. Both Pickett and Kennedy played the same position and Kennedy now has the opportunity starting to live up to his 1st round draft status.

    Whether or not any of this works out I would give them an "A" for effort. This off-season we have overhauled our coaching staff and the philosophy on both sides of the ball. It seems as though they are really trying to field a good team and there has been minimal disruptions to a very busy off-season.
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    Re: I will give the front office an "A" for effort.

    I agree, the Front Office has done its Best in Years! I really like what they've been doing this whole offseason so far... Its so awesome that they were able to get so many awesome players, draft picks! They have gotten 9 draft picks signed in less than 1 week which is awesome!! In my opinion they did the right choice of taking a gamble on Wroten, I think Wroten will be a great player!


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