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Thread: I won't do it twice in the same year and I hope you join me

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    I won't do it twice in the same year and I hope you join me

    I am ashamed to admit it but I am a STL Cardinals fan that switched it off when they hit 10 and a half games back with about little over a month to play. It seemed like a near impossible feat so I stopped watching every game and switched my attention to the Rams who were in Pre season at the time. I started watching again towards the end when it looked like there was some hope at all but fact is I "gave up" and that was wrong. The team proved me wrong.

    Well fast forward and here the Cards are not only made the playoffs but took the whole thing. Now I am not saying the Rams are going to win the superbowl just to be clear. But what I am saying is I won't give up till the fat lady sings. The fat lady was warming up on the Cards so I gave up but that lady never did sing her song. Which I now regret not believing.

    That leads me to the 1-6 Rams. The fat lady hasn't sung yet so I refuse to give up on this season. I believe that we can still do this. We need a little luck to be on our side but it can be done. We actually can still have a winning record if we play our cards right. I hope the STL Cards helped the Rams this year by showing them don't give up and you never know what will happen.

    We need to sneak into Arizona and pull out a win. Just take one game at a time. If Washington could help us out that wouldnt be to bad either lol.
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    Re: I won't do it twice in the same year and I hope you join me

    Nice post man.

    I can DEFINITELY say that I, too, had given up on the season and would swear to everyone that we would not win a SINGLE game this season. Now, after that win against the Saints, who knows what will happen. Its a long shot, but its certainly not over mathematically. And trust me, I know how you feel. You feel as though your team isn't doing anything right and it makes no sense to watch them constantly fail to deliver, so you stop watching or turn of the TV for that game. And its not the right thing to do, but when you're frustrated with losing, it makes you do things you dont really wanna do.

    But I have always been a fan of the never say die attitude. You NEVER, AT ANY TIME IN ANY SPORT, QUIT, FORFEIT, or GIVE UP on any season or game. You do NOT know how much gas the other team or other player has left in THEIR tank. THey still have to FINISH you off, despite their good start. So you play it out and give it your best.

    Thats what WINNERS do. LOSERs quit. Its as simple as that.

    Having said all of this, I would like to sincerely apologize to all my fellow clanram members and guests for what I said about a couple of weeks ago when I asked if you all think we would still win a game, cuz I sure didnt.

    Waitress: "Good evening sir. What will you be having today?"

    rNemesis: "I'll have the steam crow, with lettuce, tomatoes, mash potatoes n gravy, and some corn, please. I want the crow well done."

    Heres to eating my words for the rest of the season ( wow yummy, I never knew crow tasted so good!!!!

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    Re: I won't do it twice in the same year and I hope you join me

    Here's hoping for a mid-season collapse of the ***'ers

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