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    I would like to formally apologize ...

    to the front office and my attitude the other day ...

    Believe it or not guys, we have a REAL FRONT OFFICE. Yes, it's for a real. We have legitimate football people making legitimate football decisions and FINDING WAYS to get real football players in here and finding ways to keep real football players in town ...

    I guess I am still in the mindframe of expecting everything to go wrong, expecting us to play second fiddle, expecting us to settle for second best ...

    Instead, it looks like these guys are wanting to build a team that IS THE BEST ...

    Wow, so this is what it's like to be a fan of an NFL Franchise, huh? Amazing ...

    What a start to the offseason!

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    Re: I would like to formally apologize ...

    Spoken like a true Gentleman, its hard to believe in something that has let you down the past couple years. I only get 6-10 weeks of rams football before i have to start looking into next season, good to know thats gonna change

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    Re: I would like to formally apologize ...

    We forgive you. You must have been a middle child huh?

    What a way for the Rams to start the off season. I have not been this excited since Tony Banks named his dog!

    Go Rams!!! who who we got a football front office!!!!! <Giddy>

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    Re: I would like to formally apologize ...

    I knew I could trust these guys. We've done a great job. I hope their hard work shows on the field!

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    Re: I would like to formally apologize ...

    This team's from Missouri.......SHOW ME!!!

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