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    blood85 Guest

    I'd Rather be a Ramsfan

    I'm blood85, my real name is Izzy. I've been a Ramsfan since the 70's. Growing up in Madera,Ca most people where either Steelers fans or Cowboys fans, I'll get to this point later. The other day, I was at a popular retail store, whose name starts with a W. There were 3 ladies (I'd like to call them something else, but because this is what I consider a family site, i'll be nice), discussing football. I was browsing some items, they were near me, chatting away about football, mainly our hated rival, the *****. As I was ready to leave walking to the register, I heard one of them say, "All I know is I'd rather be a ***** fan than a Rams fan". Them is fighting words to me. So I stopped in my tracks, turned around and in my best "Dirty Harry voice" said, "I beg to differ, I don't know about that". All three just gave me a blank stare,end of conversation. You see, it doesn't take alot of "intelligence" to look up on the internet or other source, what team has the most trophies and say, "geez I'll go for that team", alas alot of yankee fans, Boston Celtic fans, fairweather idiots, as I like to refer to them,etc. And there are MANY of them. Now that I think about it, of course the Steelers and Cowboys dominated the conversations, back in the day, they usually won, which led to many bandwagon jerks who wanted to be associated with a winner and who before, never even watched a game. Keep in mind that there were some fans who followed some of these teams, religiously, BEFORE they were champs. Times are tough for us right now, we are down, really down, but not out. We are a team in transition, taking baby steps in the right direction. We are reloading. This team has a long, rich history, with many legendary players and many great fans who have and continue to be with this team, like :eldfan, Tampafan,Av,Alpharam,Ramsfansam,Ramsinfiniti,BigRed, Theodus69,Cali and many, many others. Memo to you ladies and the rest of *****fans: I think you have it backwards, I'd rather be a RAMSFAN even when times are tough, it's not over, we'll be back, we're just re-loading.

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    bigredman Guest

    Re: I'd Rather be a Ramsfan

    You should have spanked them, although, given that they are whiner fans, they probably like doing it themselves...
    YouTube - 3-way all-girl spank fight

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