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Thread: Ideal DT

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    Re: Ideal DT

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFan16 View Post
    Him and Stroud are in my opinion the best Defensive Tackle tandem in the NFL.

    Wow, could you imagine somebody saying that about the Rams DT's??????

    Me neither.

    You know the more I think about this "potential" Jenkins trade the more I think about the Saint's under Hasletts regime. I remember when he had the "lunch bunch" Grady Jackson and Norman Hand. I remember those two big boys sucking lots of wind and just sucking period. I think the following year (my memory, not so good) they were gone. I'm not so sure Haslett would be very quick to sign up a tub'o'lard that eats space and just about everything around him. I think that if the price is too high the Rams will fan trading w/ Carolina and opt to draft a more athletic DT. I don't see them (Rams) sinking in a lot of time, money and draft picks into Jenkins, unless they are convinced Jenkins will be in shape for training camp.

    I could be and often am wrong though.

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    Re: Ideal DT

    Quote Originally Posted by HUbison View Post
    However, that would go against what he has said about using a situational 3-4 look, and against his own history. He coordinated the Steelers in a 3-4 from '97-'99, and moved the Saints in that direction the last couple of years in N.O.

    The problem with the Haslett hybrid in St. Louis is the lack of sizable (and quality) LBs. He had 250-260 lb. LBs running out of his ears in Pittsburgh.
    In a 3/4.

    He coached a 4/3 in N.O. both as DC and as head coach.

    And he chose smaller LBs for the Saints. Those big LBs don't fit a 4/3.

    And, he drafted 5 DTs in N.O. ... the largest was 315, and their avg. weight was 310.

    All indications are, Haslett prefers the mobile 4/3 type NT for a 4/3...and he has coached the 4/3 more than the 3/4.

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