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I understand what you mean, Nick, but I think you've not faulted Jackson for any of his fumbles.
Really? Interesting. Go read my report card for the game if you don't think I've faulted Jackson for his fumbles.

But we're talking about that one specific play. Jackson was dragging half a dozen guys on him. It's hard to hang onto the ball in that circumstance, so like I said, I don't fault Jackson for the first "fumble" at all. The one forced in the third quarter was a killer, though.

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No, he didn't get benched but Dayne wasn't a viable option.
Neither is Marshall, IMO. Not only does he not want the job, but a more in-depth look at his numbers makes me think they really haven't been as great as one might think, and he's fumbling just as much if not more (same number of fumbles on fewer touches). There are better ways to solve this problem than just benching Jackson, I believe.