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    If I were to write an article on Sunday's game

    I were to write an article on Sunday's game it would go something like this...

    If one were to take a mental snapshot of Seahawk receivers when trying to figure out how to catch a football, you would see stone aged men wearing boxing gloves gathered around a "how to" book trying to figure out how to open it. It seems all one has to do is dawn a Seattle Seahawks uniform to be infected by the Seahawk dropped ball syndrome. Yes even the most over-rated, over hyped player in sports history did his best to fit in when Jerry Rice made an effortless one hand stab at a touchdown pass. Seahawk fans are some of the best fans in the NFL and one cannot deny their injustice in the decision made to take #80 out of retirement just to watch Rice drop a pass that Steve Largent surely makes. The offerings of quarterback Matt Hasslebeck were anything but off target. If one were to intrude on Seahawk practices this week one would probably see every player who’s number range was between 80 and 89 carrying a football even while they eat lunch. So how does a team collectively rush for over 200 yards and lose? Simple, play against a hall of fame corner like Aneas Williams and have him catch you from behind near his goal line. After fighting off a hold by a Seahawk defender Aneas Williams caught up to the powerful but mistake prone running back Shawn Alexander and stripped him of the football inside the Rams 10. After the Rams scored on their opening possession they stuffed the Seahawk offense as they went three and out. Steven Jackson crashed in from the Seahawk 4 yard line on the ensuing drive for a second touchdown. After Rams kicker Jeff Wilkins put his stamp on it, the scoreboard read Rams 14 Seahawks 0 midway through the first quarter. For the Seahawks it was a dismal day in the red zone. 5 trips inside the Rams 20 yard line netted 4 field goals never crossing the goal line. The only thing one can say about the Seahawks Defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes is he is petrified of the Rams offense. When you only rush 4 players it leaves 7 in coverage so why were they playing rams receivers so soft so early in the game.

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    Re: If I were to write an article on Sunday's game

    Funny stuff Ramtime....

    It is odd to see Rice playing for Seattle to begin with and then he is dropping balls like the rest of the receivers. A very odd picture. A player from the past popping up where you don't expect him.

    Aeneas Williams... :king: That run down and forced fumble was a thing of beauty. I am so glad that Aeneas is still in the game. All that game experience is golden.

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