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    If Jerry Gray or w/e became HC.

    How many Rams defensive players would be let go do you think? He is more of a physical guy and none of our CBs or DBs are phsyical. So could our Secondary look brand new next year? Or how will our D look?

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    Re: If Jerry Gray or w/e became HC.

    The thing I wonder about with Gray is how well he'd do with our defense. He obviously wouldn't be able to completely make it over in one year, though with Nate Clements a free agent, I would hope Gray coming to St. Louis would convince Clements to want to sign here. But look at the talent he's had on the defensive side in Buffalo the last few years: Sam Adams, Pat Williams, Aaron Schoebel, London Fletcher, Takeo Spikes, Troy Vincent, Lawyer Milloy, Nate Clements. He's gotten great results but has also had very good talent. Can he get good results from lesser talent? Can he find, evaluate, and groom this kind of talent, or are we going to need to spend some free agent dollars like Buffalo did with Fletcher, Spikes, Milloy, and Vincent?

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    Re: If Jerry Gray or w/e became HC.

    The list of Great Coordinators that couldn't make the transition to Good Head coach is long. My Questions about him would relate to the Offense.

    On the other hand, Lovie Smith is doing pretty good in Chicago right now..


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