The possibility that Jackson can't go this Sunday appears to be about 50/50. If he can't, the running back position will apparently be run by committee. If this becomes the scenario on Sunday, I will be watching Pittman & Minor very closely, and Darby as well if he is given the opportunity to run the ball a few times. What I'll be watching for is how quickly and directly the three backs hit the hole when running between the tackles. Steven Jackson earned NFC player of the week against the Pokes, but it still appeared to me that he often was dancing before he'd commit which didn't do much for his forward momentum .. kind of hopping from one foot to another before going forward. At the time watching live, I wondered if I was being overly critical, and not having a tape of the game to view again, I don't know if I was or not. That's one reason why I'll be watching to see if Pittman, Minor and Darby take a more direct approach when they are running between the tackles.

Obviously our chances of winning will be enhanced if Steven feels healthy enough to play Sunday, but if he isn't, I hope Haz sits him so as not to risk exacerbating the injury. I'd rather he miss one game rather than 3 or 4 or more.

I don't know much about Kenneth Darby, but I was able to find a short clip of him in action in college. There's a guy most everyone will recognize who couldn't hold on to Kenneth on the play ... Check it out ..