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    If we get Fisher....what if he doesnt draft blackmon how would u feel??

    We will most likely loss MCD and then probably Lloyd.Im not to mad about MCD but i would like to keep Lloyd.But what im really scarred about if we loose Lloyd then we have no legit WR and knowing Fisher i can see him either getting Kalil with the #2 or trading down to the point where we cant get Blackmon or even if hes there he might not take him.If we loose Lloyd Blackmon becomes even bigger of a need but i can see Fisher going with Kalil or someone else because Blackmon to some people (i think he might be one of them) is the sexy flashy pick but not nessecarily the best pickup.How you guys feel if we get Fisher and dont land Blackmon??Personally if that happens i dont know how i will feel.I want Fisher but i know blackmon will help instantly and he is what we need our wideouts are terrible lets be honest Sam cant win with these guys next year.I hope fisher sees how much a need Wr is for us but my gut tells me he is thinking otherwise.I guess we will see,ideally i want to land fisher and draft blackmon and if we loose Lloyd get another wideout from FA like Dbowe or Djax,stevie johnson one of those guys to go alone with blackmon.Our defense is decent enough once we get our CB's back fisher can make it work but our offense must be able to give them rest so they arent always gased come second half.Offense is much more of a problem for this team and Fisher hasnt always been offense based coach so im kind of worried.What you guys think??

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    Re: If we get Fisher....what if he doesnt draft blackmon how would u feel??

    "in fisher we trust"

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