Another "keep it in perspective" comment.

If we played the chargers on the road during the regular season, I would have it down as a loss. Not to say we couldnt beat them, but rather given that we are not going to go undefeated and that they are a division champion caliber team, i would view it as a very very tough game to win.

Sure, we have issues against the run. Sure the complete lack of a pass rush was a concern. However, this wont be the only time all year things dont work out as planned. No reason to go overboard at this point in the same context that there was no reason to get too excited about beating the bears, potentially among the worst teams in the nfc in a game that we should have lost, given that the ball hit the bears receiver in the hands in the end zone for a td that he dropped with 30 seconds left in the game.

Ramming speed to all

general counsel