The Rams and the West. Let's not forget the NFC west was not always easy. Why it wasn't long ago the NFC West had the Saints and the Falcons. OK Bad Example.

If we packed up and moved out of the NFC West. (PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH CHANGING CITIES. DON'T GO THERE!)

1. We would be in the same shape as we are now (whether you think were in good or bad shape matters not)

2. The Rams true talent would be exposed? (Again, your personal opinion good or bad matters not.)

3. Martz would have been ousted years ago.

4. Projects such as Canidate, Marmie etc... would not have been tolerated.

5. Like Bobby April, leaving the cozy NFC west would lead to more success.

6. The Rams would still be the Rams even if they played in the "West Atlantic Northern Gulf division". (No that is not the name of 4 different divisions it is a single division.)

7. We would have one whole hell of a lot less playoff losses.