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    Re: If you could choose...

    How about Rocky Bernard?

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    Re: If you could choose...

    Quote Originally Posted by Evil Disco Man
    Steve Hutchinson. Our line would be destined to dominate with the likes of Pace, Barron, Hutch, and Incognito. I'd like to go defense, but there isn't any one guy that particularly stands out to me.
    I have to agree with EDM.How can we score and move the ball consistantly if Bulger is on his Back or on IR.

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    Re: If you could choose...

    Ok...seeing how some of you think I am crazy with my picks, I thought I would explain a little more.

    Bentley over Hutch:
    1) Versatility, guard/center.
    2) Price. Hutch will be the most sought after free agent on the market and I would be afraid negotiating could be long process with him and Seattle still has matching rights. Hence we could lose both.
    3) I think it is important for Linehan/Hasslett to have a couple guys they are familiar with on the team. This helps a lot with expectations and leadership.
    4) Bentley might be even better the Hutch. Bentley didn't have a lot of help in NO. Where Hutch was often overshadowed with Jones. You know exactly what you are getting with Bentley.

    Hillenmeyer over Peterson:
    1) Baggage/age
    2) And the biggest non-selling point with is Peterson -- POSTON IS HIS AGENT
    3) Peterson is on the downhill slide, Hillenmeyer should be up
    4) again, money
    5) The need for a middle linebacker is much greater than outside.
    6) Peterson or a Hutch signing would kill any hopes of signing any more mid to high range free agents.

    Last statement for you all.
    Wouldn't you rather have a Bentley / Hillenmeyer / Hovan / Arch / Hope type off season

    or would you like:
    Hutch / Pickett or Arch off season?

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    Re: If you could choose...

    Offense -- Bentley, no question. We have bigger needs at guard than we do at center. We'd have book ends at both tackles, plus Bentley opposite a Timmerman/Terrell pairing. That looks like a very dominant line, especially if you committ to actually trying to run the ball consistently.

    Defense -- Howard isn't a sexy pick, but I like for a variety of reasons. First, it gives us a better pass rush which will improve the way the corners look. Second, it would give us more flexibility in the draft while shoring up the defense's foundation. Third, I have no aversion to signing a linebacker, but I also feel like we have so much cap money already sunk in there that we ought to give Haslett a chance with Claiborne and Coakley before we spend more money there.

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