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If I were playing Madden '09 that would be a great idea. In fact that's what I do all the time, but I'm not so sure how that would play out in real life. We tried it once with Dickerson and I don't think that played out so well.
Well, I think if you look at the trade of E.D. closely, you will see that it was a "push" - when comparing before vs. after.

With E.D. the Rams made it as far as the NFC championship, only to lose to the bears. Without E.D. they made it back to the NFC title game a few years later, only to lose to the whiners.

Seems to me the legend of E.D. grows more as the years go by. Granted he was the only superstar with the Rams in those days and I was as much a fan as anyone, but I think Faulk is the best RB the Rams have ever had. I know general counsel thinks he is the biggest Faulk fan in the ClanRam, but he is simply just one of many.

E.D. was a perfect fit for the power "I" run first offense of John Robinson, but in the end, the Rams were only going so far with that offense. On the other hand, E.D. was setting records and scratching out a place in the HOF, mostly due to a coaching philosophy and one hell of an offensive line.

Faulk was far and away the better RB. Not only could Faulk run from scrimage with the best of them, he could run routes and catch passes like a WR, pick up the blitz, and his knowledge and leadership served almost as a 2nd QB in the huddle.