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    If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

    Sorry guys, but I didn't know where else to put this, if there's a better place for it, feel free to move it. This is something I heard at work today.

    One of the engineers where I work was at his son's football practice yesterday, when a parent's worst nightmare happened right before his eyes.

    As the practice was breaking up, and cars where coming and going to and from the parking lot as parents were picking up their kids, a 5 year old boy ran out between two cars and was run over. The car came to rest with a front wheel on top of the childs hip and my friend had to tell the driver to back up slowly so they could free him.

    He was in very bad shape and was helicoptered to the closest hospital.

    As we rant and rave at each other on this forum about things we deem important, we should remember what's really important in life. It sucks that things like this have to happen to bring us back to reality.

    So if you have small children (I have two and this had me thinking about them all day), please remember to hold their hand in the parking lot. Give them the biggest hug you can tonight and tell them how much you love them!
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    Re: If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

    Thanks for this post Yo. I can't imagine anything worse than not having my son.
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    Re: If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

    I moved this to the Rams forum because I think it has an imporant impact we all should read. We are a Rams family here and it breaks my heart to read something like this. Thanks for sharing!

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    Re: If You Have Kids...Give Them a Big Hug Today!

    If you have kids, give yourself a big hug too. It is a responsibilty and perspective like no other.

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