After three games...

1) SJax has 6 touches and is injured

2) Danny has 5 touches and is injured

3) Bartell is out for the season

4) Justin King leads the team in solo tackles

5) Not one of our top 4 draft pick has had an impact

I was pissed at the Ram's performance in the Raven's game, and sad that we got beat so bad at home. This team has a long way to go to compete on any given Sunday.

However, we are playing without our top RB and our top WR on offense, and without one of our best DB's. These injuries have put a ton of pressure on the rest of the team, and they are clearly not up the the challenge.

I bet that if you knew these things prior to the season starting, you would have been comfortable with an 0-3 prediction, and not surprised with very underwhelming performances from our team. It sucks, but there it is.