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    Section 134 Guest

    Re: I'm always concerned when my team plays the Rams.

    Ramfanraiderhater -

    What you have referenced is the reason for me starting this post. The Rams have a history of beating us and a trap is what I fear the most.

    I think the level of our competition from week 1 has been under estimated. The Redskins have their problems but I think they will show some bounce against the Saints. The Giants opened the season with 4 straight scoring drives and established a top 10 offensive performance (big deal week 1 - but were not 31st like some teams). I think you Ram fans like most of the Giants opponants want to discount Eli. The guy has warts I'll give you that but the progress continues his stats in '07 placed him 12th in yardage and 11th in TDs putting him above the Cutlers, Rivers and McNabs of the world. He had one of the best 4 weeks in play-off history against the toughest competition anyone has ever faced in a visiting underdog role. To say there is no threat from the Giants passing offense is a mistake for any team... for one with Fakhir Brown, Bartell, Chavous and Hill on the field it is a mistake of epic proportions.

    I predict Eli will have his 1st 300 yard passing day against the Rams since we ripped apart the Falcons on a Monday Night in week 6 of last year.

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    Re: I'm always concerned when my team plays the Rams.

    Kinda pompous to come to another teams board and start shouting off how you're gonna kick our ass. Last year the Giants had to horrible games to start off the season, how do you know that won't happen this year with the Rams? You'd think for someone who's team pulled off the biggest upset in NFL history, you'd have a little more respect for the underdog.

    Teke I can't give you rep yet, but I liked the "Closest to LA criteria".

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    Re: I'm always concerned when my team plays the Rams.

    Good Lord what a romp!

    Well let's see... I was preaty much completely correct about all of the predictions about this game. Anyone care to talk about the loss of Strahan and Umenyoura? Justin Tuck is a superstar in the making and it was wonderful to see him get his first career TD on such a super human play. I was wrong about Eli throwing for 300 yards he only got 260, but I thought your team would show more pride at home and try to stop some of those 2nd half running plays but... what can you do?

    I also would care to point out what our 1st week competition did to the Saints in week 2. For all you Ram fans who were not impressed with our week 1 performance against the Redskins, maybe now wou'll understand what it means to play in the NFC East. What a joy it must be to play teams like the Falcons, Panthers and Saints each year.

    Well I leave you now, I think the Rams showed alot of guts for 3 qtrs and then they humilated themselves. You've got to look at the head coach and his staff as to why this team feels there is no chance to come back. And next year draft some secondary help.

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