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    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    Very good post, RF. Well said.

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    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    Winning sucks, period !! Lot's of work to do. Lot's of things to fix. I could ramble on about our this & our that in this last loss. It's been the same story for most of our losses over the last 3 years. Let's think positive, the defense can only get better. The special teams may not. And the offense is clearly the one phase of our game that could carry us into the playoffs.
    Let's kick some W****r assss come this Sunday night, and turn this around. It's only 1-2, not 1-10 !!!

    Maineram :ramlogo: :ramlogo:

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    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    I do not know why all the fuss. This is exactly what we should have come to expect from MM.

    lack of dicipline
    lack of fucus
    lack of intensity
    lack of fundamental execution on the STs and by the lineman (O&D)
    poor game management
    lack of tatical planning to beat our foes (14 running plays VS a horrible NO run defense.
    lack of respect for timeouts and holding on to the football.....

    I think the talent is in there .. somewhere..

    Of course know we have MM who has ground up the GSOT and his new sidekick - LM, who cannot come up with a decent defensive game plan.

    I hate it when I'm right.... :tough:
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    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    Yeah me too. But please no Warnerites saying if we only had him back. Bolger had a good game but poor coaching, no defense, and unspecial teams stunk up the dome.:tongue:

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    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFamily
    I don't want to participate in the Warner/Bulger debate, both are good QBs, Warner was a Ram, (so was Namath....) and Bulger is a Ram. Both have had unbelieveable success: both have suffered thru humiliating defeat.
    For those of you wishing to further the debate, ask yourselves this: Do you honestly believe that if Warner was the QB yesterday it would have made one bit of difference?
    The problems right now are NOT QB related. They run deeper. I believe we have some of the most incredible talent in the NFL. Problem is, individually, these guys are great. Together, they cannot mesh. Other than seeing some 'freshmen' mistakes from the less experienced players, I can't really blame them without laying blame on those who are coaching them. Don't get me wrong, I think Martz has done a good job as head coach....just look at the W/L record. I just think he has got the wrong guys in other coaching positions, and can't see the problems.
    RamsFamily, I agree 100% with your post. As a supposed Warnerite, no, I am sure we would have lost yesterday if KW was at the helm too. A combination of the salary cap era and what I consider are poor coaching/staffing moves by the team have taken a potential Dynasty, and turned them into a one hit wonder, the joke of the league. Now, we are a threat on any given Sunday, but teams do not fear us. Opponents know either the players or the coach will give them the chance to be in the game.

    Most of us that were labelled as Warnerites were not saying we couldn't win without Warner, but that there was something that really stunk about how and what was going on. And it didn't start with Warner. Proehl. Holcome. Wistrom. Yes, I know, salary cap was part of this. But those guys don't seem like greedy people. With the potential this team had, if it was well managed, I would have taken a lesser amount to stick with a winner, rather than get more to go some where else. No, I think they saw a train wreck about to happen and walked away...

    And please. Let's not bring up Martz record. This is football. People don't remember who had the best record for the last ten years. But they can tell you who won the SB. Again, it comes down to potential. This team had the potential to be like, gawd it hurts to say this, be like the Patsies...

    I think I am going to be sick... :confused:
    This space for rent...

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    Re: I'm Disgusted!!!!!

    For those of you wishing to further the debate, ask yourselves this: Do you honestly believe that if Warner was the QB yesterday it would have made one bit of difference?
    No, but I honestly believe we would have beat Carolina last year if KW had been the QB.

    I also now believe what every damn sports announcer has been saying all preseason, and I didn't want to believe....That Free Agency has finally caught up with the Rams, and Seattle is for Real.

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