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    I'm pumped, I tell ya, PUMPED!!

    We just finished watching 'NFL Yearbook' about the Rams 14-2 season in 2001. That season, all the way to the Super Bowl, was nothing less than beautiful. Watching how well things clicked back then made me reflect on the team over the past few years. Now it makes sense.
    The Rams lost their chemistry. We lost some guys, added new ones, tried new things, but the chemistry was gone. Don't get me wrong, we still had the talent (and still do in 2006), but from 2002 until last season, the chemistry faded.
    I'm not going to speculate on why it happenned.

    I have noticed that the player and coach interviews I have read the past couple of months have something that seemed to be missing for a while: Hunger. It seems to me that our boys are hungry for Sundays. They feel renewed, energized. They're excited about the new blood on the coaching staff (and no disrespect to Martz, either!). The defense is wanting to break some bones and the hopes of a lot of other teams. The offense is working towards learning things all over again. And one word I have seen a lot is 'BASICS".

    I'm not going to stick my neck out and predict a 14-2 year, but I will say this:

    No matter what, the Rams are on the road to the top once again, right back where we belong!


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    Re: I'm pumped, I tell ya, PUMPED!!

    I agree. I'm excited to see how all the changes that have been made, and whatever additions we obtain through the draft (as well as whatever personnel moves are made before the final roster is settled) will result on the field when the season starts. I liken it to a rebirth of sorts.

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    Re: I'm pumped, I tell ya, PUMPED!!

    I agree with you guys 110% Iwas just thinking about it when I came upon this thread how much more excited I am about our offseason and the aggresivness in offseason! Plus I am moving to Phoenix for school this fall and I will be able to go see our boys in person Finally! ( I'm from Michigan I never get to see te Rams play just the lions, and god is that depressing)

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    Re: I'm pumped, I tell ya, PUMPED!!

    Nice post, RFSam! :up:

    I enjoy your enthusiasm and your feeling 'pumped' after watching today's NFL Yearbook / Rams 2001. I did too -- and, YES! It was BEAUTIFUL!

    The plays, the 500+ points (again), and I agree, the chemistry was exciting to witness how it transformed into TDs and total excitement at home and away.

    Let's hope we re-acquire some of that spirit this season! :angryram:

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    Re: I'm pumped, I tell ya, PUMPED!!

    I'm glad you are pumped. Stay that way for those like me, who are sitting on the fence saying we could be good, we just don't know if we will or not.

    I'm saving my enthusiasm for later. Right now, it's all about the birds on the bat.


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