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    IMPORTANT: ClanRam Draft-Day Forum & Chat Protocol

    Alright folks, another draft is upon us, which means itís time to go over the ClanRam Draft Day Forum & Chat Room Protocol. As in, the rules and regulations of how members need to act on draft day in order for things to run smoothly.

    Please keep in mind that failure to follow these rules will result in your post being moved or deleted without notice. We want to try and keep things organized so people know where to discuss the draft as it happens, where to discuss the Ramsí picks, etc etc.

    The ClanRam Chatroom is THE PLACE to be on draft day, as you'll join with fellow draft enthusiasts as we prepare for the Rams pick while talking about all of the others that will be going down. The chatroom is where all the action will be, so get there prior to the start of the draft! Remember, if youíve never logged into the chatroom before, you need to register with the chatroom itself. Your ClanRam user name will not automatically carry over to the chat!

    As always, we have a few rules about how that is going to operate...

    1) Live draft discussion will be restricted to two places: (1) the ClanRam Chat Room and (2) one all-encompassing mod-created thread titled something like "The Official 2009 NFL Draft Discussion Thread" for those who can't access the chat or choose not to. What does that mean? That means if you're watching or listening to the draft and want to talk about what's going on as it happens, come to the chat room or post in that ONE THREAD. Creating new threads pushes other threads further back in the forum page count, and serves no real purpose since the chat room and official draft thread will be the hot spot anyways.

    2) For each selection made by the Rams, a MODERATOR will start a new thread announcing the selection in the RAM TALK forum. Once a moderator has started a thread announcing a Rams pick, discussion can take place in that thread regarding the player selected. This is to centralize all discussion on the prospect that has been selected, so we don't have 6-8 threads all talking about the same thing. PLEASE do not start a thread announcing who the Rams have picked; it's only going to get deleted or merged, so you're basically creating more work for us when we're trying to enjoy the draft. Sort of the same deal as rule #1; we don't want the forum to get overcrowded with repetitive topics already being discussed somewhere.

    3) Once Day One of the draft has come to a conclusion, normal forum posting rules for the Ram Talk and Draft/FA forums are back in effect. Again, I would encourage you to post in the mod-created threads dedicated to each of the Rams' picks if you want to talk about them. But if you want to create a new thread to offer your general thoughts on the day or create a thread to talk about how stupid the Whiners' picks were, you may do so once the first day of the draft has finished. When Day Two starts, we start back up with the same rules.

    4) Be on your best behavior in the chat room and on the forums. That means if the Rams draft someone you didn't want them to select, don't overreact. Don't curse like a sailor. Don't talk about how this draft will rank as one of the worst for the team. If you and another person disagree about what the Rams should have done or about a particular prospect, be civil about it. Agree to disagree if you have to. If one of your posts or threads gets deleted by a moderator, we probably had a reason. Complaining to us about it is going to take away from our ability to not only enjoy the draft ourselves but make sure the Clan is running smoothly. This is going to be a busy day for everyone, and it doesn't need to be complicated by immaturity. This will be strictly enforced. You will receive one warning, and if the behavior continues, you can vent your draft anger somewhere else because you'll be kicked from the chat room.

    There, that wasnít so painful, was it? Enjoy the draft, guys! Iíll see you (hopefully) in the chat room!!
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