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    Important MUST SEES from the Redskins games!

    If you didn't get a chance to watch this game, do everything you can to watch a replay of it. I was keeping track of it via cell phone on the road, but had a chance to watch it when I got back, and if you wanted to truly realize, firsthand, how bad a leader Linehan really was, then watch the tape of this game ...

    With that said, how can anybody not be behind Haslett after the way the team responded to adversity in this game? Sure, Haslett may not be a good coordinator. Sure, Haslett may not even be a really good coach at this point. But boy, did he get the guys to drink the kool-aid no matter what was going on. This looked nothing like the team we had fielded all year, and had Haslett been running the ship since day one, we might be 2-3 or 3-2 right now, instead of 1-4 ...

    Regardless, I think some VERY CRUCIAL things happened in this game, that could change the outlook on this season and maybe even our future for a few years. If you go back and watch, keep an eye on the following things:

    1E. I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, seen a running back run as hard as S.J. did yesterday. An average back gets 20 yards on 20 carries yesterday, but he was on a mission.

    1D. Haslett getting into it with Leigh Torrence. Has is a no nonsense kind of guy, and he showed it on this exchange. I do not know what happened to provoke this, and I do not care, but it immediately showed that Has loves his team, and loves his players, and that he is not going to tolerate any crap like this. Even moreso, the players stepped in and had their coaches back. They seem to love this guy, and that is crucial right now. See 1C for more details ...

    1C. What a special play Avery makes on the 43-yard reception. And yes, he burned Torrence on this one. Say what you want about being drafted too high, but not every receiver and be running full speed, adjust inside, and make a diving, one handed grab with the game on the line. Incredible confidence shown by Bulger going deep to the rook, and a great call by Saunders. I assume that pass was designed to be underthrown to take advantage of the matchup, if it was there, and this proved to be the first real sign that Avery is for real. Remember, also, the critical 12 yard gain for a first down earlier on the drive ...

    1B. Josh Brown is an assassin, plain and simple ...

    1A. And the defining play, and this was huge. With a little over 9:00 minutes left in the fourth quarter, 3rd and 11, Bulger, under heavy pressure, scrambles, and takes over running, PUTS HIS SHOULDER DOWN, and seemingly gains the first down (he was hit after he was down, and there should have been a flag on the skins, but there was an illegal formation call on us). He takes a wicked shot to the chin, rolls over in agony for a second, then says to hell with it, pops up, and goes back to lead his team. Notice the pats on the head, the enthusiam, the energy this one play generated. If not for this play, I don't know if we can pull off this game. Everyone is on Bulger's back for not being a leader, he was the epitome is a leader here, shaking this off, and getting back on the saddle, when he could have layed there, and absorbed an injury time out. This whole situation, including the bomb to Avery will do wonders for his confidence.

    When all is said and done from yesterday, if you can not appreciate the job Haslett did to have this team ready to play, you cannot appreciate football at all.

    So question is, who will I see in the dome next week? I'll be there!
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    Re: Important MUST SEES from the Redskins games!

    I knew Bulger got that first down! I was screaming "he got it, he got it!" but all the Skins fans just kept saying "doesn't matter, doesn't matter there was a flag"! Dang I can't wait to get back home and watrch it on tv.

    "The disappointment of losing is huge!"

    Jack Youngblood

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