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    Injuries and the QB position.

    Sure, injuries is the reason why Frerotte is out there embarrasing us all. We all know that. But why do we only have 2 QB's on our roster? We know Marc Bulger has been injured repeatedly in his career, I'm as big a Bulger supporter as anyone but we have to face the fact that he does get injured and with the O-line decimated it's hardly a surprise that we've been down to our #2 QB for quite a few games this year.

    The key decision that Linehan made that turned out to be a terrible mistake in all this (besides bringing in Frerotte and relying on him to be our #2) was trading Fitzpatrick.

    Fitzpatrick had a few seasons experience in the NFL, he was a decent 3rd QB. If we still had Fitzpatrick we possibly wouldn't be having the debate, because Frerotte would have been yanked for Fitzpatrick and we don't know how well he would do, I believe that he would be better (he is much more mobile, which is needed with our O-line). But regardless we would at least have some options. Now we have nothing, Frerotte has to start as long as Bulger is out. That's our only option.

    Injuries happen, but as a headcoach you are not completely powerless when facing this problem. We should demand 2 things from our headcoach when it comes to dealing with injuries:

    1) Preparation. Having good backups, having enough backups at the right positions. Making sure the backups you have are capable of playing in your system at a reasonable level.

    2) Compensating. Changing gameplans to take advantage of our strengths and minimizing our weaknesses. Adjusting to each different opponent to maximize our effectiveness with the personnel that is available.

    Has Linehan done enough in both areas for him to be considered blameless when discussing our injury problems? I don't think so. He brought in Frerotte, he traded Fitzpatrick for basically nothing (a 7th round pick), he decided to only keep 2 QB's on our roster, even with Marc Bulger's previous injuries and the injuries that were beginning to pile up on the O-line. On the other hand he decided to keep 4 TE's on our roster, despite us not even using TE's much on the field, and despite the weak level of talent we have at that position (would you rather have Byrd/Klopfenstein/Walker or an extra QB/T/G on our roster that we could use in an injury situation?).

    The bottomline for me is, yes injuries have hurt our season a lot, but Linehan's decisions have not minimized the impact that injuries have had, on the contrary his choices have increased our problems with injuries. And that is why Linehan deserves all the blame he gets, even considering our injuries. Because he has NOT put our team in a position to deal with injuries and he has NOT been able to compensate at all for the personnel that he had available.

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    Re: Injuries and the QB position.

    I'm not so sure Fitz would have done any better than Frerotte. Fitz had 1 good game for us against the Texans. What makes anyone think it would do better than Frerotte?

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    Re: Injuries and the QB position.

    Quote Originally Posted by laram0 View Post
    I'm not so sure Fitz would have done any better than Frerotte. Fitz had 1 good game for us against the Texans. What makes anyone think it would do better than Frerotte?
    Maybe he would, maybe not. I agree he hadn't looked very good in preseason. Fitz was more mobile though, so I think he would be better than Gus in the current circumstances. But the thing is we would have had another option. Going in with only 2 QB's was a mistake in itself, even if the 3rd QB wasn't neccessarily going to be Fitz. I'd rather have had a 3rd QB than a 4th TE, and that's the kind of preparation that could have helped us minimize the impact from injuries.


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