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    Inside Slant--7-22-05

    The Rams are now planning for life after Marshall Faulk.
    A saga that has lasted the entire off-season is now headed for closure with the not unexpected result that Faulk will have additional surgery next week on a problematic knee. Faulk had surgery in February on both knees, but one didn't respond as doctors hoped.

    This surgery, tentatively scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday, will be a reconstruction and Faulk would need an estimated 8-12 months of rehabilitation, making it seem unlikely he would play again.

    However, coach Scott Linehan said "retirement hasn't been discussed," and that Faulk "is still a Ram," while acknowledging that Faulk won't play this season. Linehan added that Faulk "has to come to terms with whether he wants to try and play again."

    That leaves open the question of how the Rams will deal with Faulk and his $2 million base salary for this season, which includes a $100,000 reporting bonus.

    "It's still TBD, to be determined, right now," a club official told "The guy has been a great player here, and you want to treat this with some (sensitivity)."

    Faulk could retire, which would result in him forfeiting his salary for the season. He could still be reinstated next year if he was ready to play again. The Rams could release him with the designation failed physical, but they don't seem inclined to do that.

    A compromise would be for the two sides to agree to reduce Faulk's pay to the minimum salary of $810,000 this season and be placed on reserve/physically unable to perform (PUP) or for the Rams to continue paying him $2 million and also place him on PUP.

    However the club decides to handle the business side of the situation, they still have to deal with the reality of having a lack of depth at running back.

    "Now we have to consider some things and look at options if there are any," Linehan said. "When you lose a player like Marshall, you can't replace him. Depth will be a lot different. Everyone has to step up and take on a higher role."

    Tony Fisher is currently the backup to starter Steven Jackson, but Fisher was signed to help as a third-down back and be instrumental on special teams.

    "Fish can do it. He's done it," Linehan said. "But (to have be No. 2) would certainly affect the special teams."

    Linehan couldn't comment specifically about players on other teams, like Michael Bennett of the Saints, but a player like Bennett, Linehan said, is "the type of back we'd be looking at."

    CAMP CALENDAR: Training camp opens July 26 with players reporting and the first practice is the next morning. There are no scrimmages scheduled with other teams. Camp breaks Aug. 20.


    —The Rams signed the first of their 10 draft picks July 20, agreeing to terms with guard Mark Setterstrom, one of the team's three seventh-round picks. Setterstrom signed a three-year deal worth $1.109 million that includes a $29,000 signing bonus.

    One agent for a Rams pick said the Rams are sending the message that their rookie pool isn't large enough this year, and they are unsure how they will fit everyone under the pool of $4.88 million. However, the problem isn't only the pool, but the Rams' reluctance to be creative in fashioning contracts.

    Here are the issues in play this year:

    The overall salary cap went up about 20 percent, but the rookie pool increased only 5 percent. In addition, the minimum salary rose from $230,000 to $275,000, an increase of just under 20 percent. That's a problem.

    Consider that all picks after the first round receive a signing bonus along with minimum base salaries. The Rams have nine selections from the second through the seventh round. Thus, the 2006 base salaries alone for those nine players totals $2.475 million, a bit more than half of the entire rookie pool. With the remaining $2.41 million, the Rams have to fit in prorated signing bonuses for all 10 picks, plus the base salary for first-round pick Tye Hill. Further complicating matters is that the Rams have three third-round picks.

    Many of the contracts for later-round picks have been for four years, so a somewhat larger signing bonus can be prorated over those four years. Normally, a four-year deal for a rookie is not good for the player because if they are good enough to last with the team, they sacrifice their restricted free-agent year, which comes after three accrued seasons.

    The tradeoff is that those contracts will include a voidable fourth year based on reaching a certain performance level, or incentives that aren't that difficult to reach if the player contributes. The issue with the Rams is that they historically prefer "clean" deals that don't include incentives or voidable years.

    Rams president of football operations Jay Zygmunt said not to worry.

    "We're in full mode right now; it'll start happening," he said. "It's amazing how, in the end, they all get done."

    —CB Tye Hill, the team's first-round pick, remains hopeful he will be in camp on time even though as of July 21 there was just one first-round choice signed in the entire league.

    "I expect to be in camp on time," Hill said. "I feel it's very important to be there with the rest of the guys. I want to be there the first day."

    Said Jay Zygmunt, the Rams' president of football operations, "It's critical. You like to have your players in from the first day; that's always our goal. ... Obviously, these players need to start learning the system and get as many reps as they can. The way the league is now, they're going to have to contribute at some point this season, whether it's in September or later."

    —Thanks to a massive storm that knocked out power to about 500,000 homes or businesses in the St. Louis area the night of July 19, Rams coaches have been working out of temporary offices at a nearby hotel because there is no power at Rams Park.

    The press conference Friday at which coach Scott Linehan confirmed that running back Marshall Faulk would miss the 2006 season, was held at the hotel at the same time another strong storm passed through the area.

    "This is like Miami," Linehan said of the city where he worked last season. "I didn't think hurricanes made it to the Midwest. But we are all making do. It's like football; we are just readjusting our game plan."

    Five minutes into the press conference, power was lost in the room, but it returned within another five minutes.

    Jay Zygmunt, president of football operations, has been trying to do contracts on a cell phone or while borrowing space from an attorney friend.

    Said Zygmunt, "Maybe I'll be doing deals by candlelight."

    QUOTE TO NOTE: "The offense is going to be more controlled and more balanced. Linehan liked to go downfield a little bit more. Early in the year last year, we were throwing up balls just to be throwing it up. Now there's a reason behind a lot of the stuff we're doing." — Dolphins WR Chris Chambers on the team's offense last season when Rams coach Scott Linehan was the offensive coordinator.


    There were some raised eyebrows last month when the Rams traded a conditional draft pick to the Bengals for quarterback Dave Ragone and reportedly gave him a $100,000 signing bonus. Many wondered why the Rams didn't simply claim him on waivers when he had been released earlier in the off-season by Houston, or wait until Cincinnati released him, which the team planned to do. And why give him a bonus?

    Here's the reason: Because Ragone was a restricted free agent this year, his one-year contract was worth $721,600 and the Rams didn't want to take on that contract the first time. They also figured he would go through waivers unclaimed. However, when he was released by the Texans, the Bengals and Colts put in claims. The Rams believed Indianapolis might be interested again, and they also were aware of interest from the Patriots.

    The Rams were given permission to talk to Ragone's agent before the deal was made, and a new two-year contract was the result. Ragone got the bonus in exchange for lowering his salary this year to the $500,000 minimum and his 2007 salary if on the team will be the $585,000 minimum.

    "We are just looking to solidify the position and we felt this was a good gamble," said Jay Zygmunt, the Rams' president of football operations. "It's no reflection on our other guys, but it will be a competitive situation in camp."

    Behind Marc Bulger and Gus Frerotte, the other quarterbacks on the roster are Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jeff Smoker.


    QUARTERBACKS: Starter - Marc Bulger. Backups - Gus Frerotte, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jeff Smoker, Dave Ragone

    Bulger has spent the off-season learning the terminology in Linehan's offense, and there were some moments of frustration. However, there was a time where Bulger struggled mightily under Mike Martz, but he developed into a consistently productive quarterback. The key will be keeping him healthy after suffering shoulder injuries the last two seasons. This year, a comfort zone exists with the addition of Frerotte. Not only did he help the Dolphins win nine games last season, but he did that in Linehan's offense. The most intriguing battle in camp will be for the No. 3 job. Fitzpatrick exhibited promise at times last season, and might have a slight edge entering camp. However, Smoker has a history in college with Nussmeier, while Ragone played for Linehan at the University of Louisville.

    WIDE RECEIVERS: Starters - Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce. Backups - Kevin Curtis, Shaun McDonald, Dane Looker, Marques Hagans, Jeremy Carter, Brandon Middleton, Brad Pyatt, Clinton Solomon, Taylor Stubblefield, Dominique Thompson

    One thing hasn't changed under Linehan that was always evident when Mike Martz was the head coach: There are numerous receivers competing for jobs that probably don't exist, except on the eight-man practice squad. Holt remains one of the league's elite receivers, and has a streak of six consecutive seasons with at least 1,300 yards. Bruce is still a threat and keeps defenses honest, but he has to stay healthy. Curtis can become an unrestricted free agent after the season, and opens things up for the offense with his speed. McDonald has shown flashes at times, and might have his opportunities reduced because Linehan won't use four receivers very much. Looker is solid, and is also the holder for kicker Jeff Wilkins. The question is whether that will be enough to retain a roster spot again. The most intriguing of the other six receivers are Hagans and Solomon. A quarterback in college, it is hoped that Hagans can be a threat as a kick returner, as well as catching, running and even throwing. Solomon has excellent size (6-3, 214) and looked good in the off-season. Pyatt has NFL experience with the Colts, but has had injury issues.

    TIGHT ENDS: Starter - Joe Klopfenstein. Backups - Dominique Byrd, Jerome Collins, Alex Holmes, Rod Trafford, Aaron Walker, Jonathan Williams

    Flip a coin and go with Klopfenstein as the starter, even though he and Byrd will likely see a lot of time on the field. Both have the ability to get the ball, and Linehan plans to use the tight end extensively in the passing game. The question is whether they will be able to block effectively. Linehan will have his eye out for an experienced blocking tight end during camp, unless someone emerges from the current group. Holmes played eight games for the Dolphins last season, and is said to have potential. Collins is an excellent athlete, who some believe is ready to improve. Walker has previous experience with the *****.

    RUNNING BACKS: Starters - HB Steven Jackson, FB Madison Hedgecock. Backups - HB Tony Fisher, HB Antoine Bagwell, HB John David Washington, HB Fred Russell, FB Paul Smith

    The biggest question as camp approached was the future of Faulk. Throughout the off-season, Linehan planned for his presence. However, just before the team's June minicamp, Faulk told Linehan he wouldn't be in attendance, citing a problem with one of his knees. Faulk had February surgery on both knees, and one failed to respond. Now, Faulk will undergo additional surgery soon and be unavailable this season. The Rams have interest in Michael Bennett of New Orleans, but so are other teams. Jackson is the starter and has continued to talk about his desire to get the ball. He will, but he has to improve on his 4.1-yard average per carry in 2005 as well as blocking against the blitz. Hedgecock showed promise last season, but it's unknown how much Linehan will utilize a fullback. Fisher is a solid third-down back, and has been productive as a runner and receiver in Green Bay. Bagwell looked intriguing in mini-camps. Smith adds a veteran presence, while Washington will have to do more than having Denzel Washington as his dad.

    OFFENSIVE LINEMEN (Paul Boudreau, Jim Chaney): Starters - LT Orlando Pace, LG Richie Incognito, C Andy McCollum, RG Adam Timmerman, RT Alex Barron. Backups - T Todd Steussie, G Claude Terrell, G Blaine Saipaia, C/G Larry Turner, T Drew Strojny, T Jason Hilliard, T/G Ben Noll, G Tony Palmer, G Mark Setterstrom, C Donovan Raiola

    Watchful eyes will be on Incognito and Timmerman as the summer progresses. The left guard job appears to be Incognito's to lose after a solid off-season that saw Terrell do very little because of a wrist injury. Terrell's physical condition is also in question. Timmerman returns from a subpar 2005 affected by several off-season surgeries. McCollum is solid in the middle, and the edges are in good hands with Pace and Barron. Should Timmerman falter, Saipaia could contend, although it took him a while to recover from a neck injury that ended his 2005 season. Steussie provides veteran insurance at tackle and guard. Turner will also compete for a backup spot. Coaches like the potential of rookies Palmer and Setterstrom. The question is whether there will be room on the roster or if one or both will be on the practice squad.

    DEFENSIVE LINEMEN (Brian Baker): Starters - LE Leonard Little, DT La'Roi Glover, NT Jimmy Kennedy, RE Anthony Hargrove. Backups - E Brandon Green, E Victor Adeyanju, T Jason Fisk, T Claude Wroten, T Jeremy Calahan, T Brian Howard, T Tim Sandidge

    The middle of the line will see a transformation with the departure of Ryan Pickett and Damione Lewis, the arrival of Glover and the move of Kennedy to the nose. Kennedy has talked of being revitalized with former line coach Bill Kollar gone. Now, he will have to show it on the field, where he should be as effective as Pickett was tying up blockers. Glover brings pass-rush ability to the inside, something that has been absent for a while. That push up the middle should also help Little and Hargrove. Little is entering the final year of his contract, while Hargrove needs to step up and be more disciplined against the run and make plays in pass defense. Green is a high-motor player that provides solid depth. Adeyanju should also contribute as a rookie. Fisk has experience behind Kennedy, with Wroten the most intriguing. If off-field issues are resolved, he has the ability to be a difference-maker. Calahan has shown flashes at times, but will have a tough time making the roster. Sandidge is a candidate for the practice squad.

    LINEBACKERS: Starters - SLB Brandon Chillar, MLB Will Witherspoon, WLB Pisa Tinoisamoa. Backups - SLB Raonall Smith, MLB Trev Faulk, MLB Tim McGarigle, MLB Jamal Brooks, WLB Dexter Coakley, OLB Jon Alston, OLB Mike Goolsby, OLB Drew Wahlroos

    Witherspoon was the marquee addition of the off-season, and he remains ticketed for the middle, where it is believed he can move around and make plays. On the weak side, Tinoisamoa should be helped by Witherspoon, and make more plays than he has in the past when he had little support. Chillar has the inside track on the strong side, but Smith can't be counted out. He might be the bargain signing of the off-season on a one-year, minimum salary contract. There will be intense competition for backup jobs. Coakley is intent on coming back from a 2005 broken leg, but it's an open question whether the Rams will pay him to be a backup. Faulk, McGarigle and Brooks are candidates in the middle, with Faulk a question because of back surgery that made him a non-participant in the off-season. Alston has enormous potential, and is also seen as a possible safety. Wahlroos has been good on special teams, but this will be a tough battle making the roster.

    DEFENSIVE BACKS: CB Jerametrius Butler, CB Travis Fisher, SS Corey Chavous, FS O.J. Atogwe. Backups - CB Fakhir Brown, CB Tye Hill, CB DeJuan Groce, CB/S Ron Bartell, CB Dwight Anderson, S Jerome Carter, S Dwaine Carpenter, S Deandre Eiland, CB Kevin Timothee

    In reality, Chavous is probably the only sure thing when it comes to who will start. Butler and Fisher were the starters entering camp last year, but injuries doomed them. Butler missed the entire season because of a knee injury, and then injured a hamstring in the off-season. Fisher was bothered by a groin problem all year. He has had a solid off-season, and entering the final year of his contract is intent on being a starter again. When healthy, Butler and Fisher not only were good in pass defense, but they also supported the run. This year, there is better depth behind them. Brown is confident he will be the starter, while Hill, the first-round pick, has tremendous skills. He just can't afford to miss time because of a contract problem. Groce could be doing a free-fall down the depth chart. Atogwe will be competing with Carter for the start at free safety, and the position has to be in better hands than it was last season. Chavous' leadership, as well as playing ability, should be a plus. Bartell is the most intriguing. He improved as he got more playing time, and now could be a swingman at corner and safety.

    SPECIAL TEAMS: PK Jeff Wilkins, P Matt Turk, LS Chris Massey, PK Remy Hamilton, P Andy Groom.

    A huge miscalculation was made last season when rookie Reggie Hodges opened the season as the punter. Ligashesky made that call, but Hodges didn't return the favor. He was cut after a horrific performance against Seattle that directly led to the home loss. Bryan barker finished the season, but this summer, Turk is expected to win the job, assuming he is over the groin problem that cost him the 2005 season in Miami. Andy Groom is around in camp, but it will take a major upset for the decision to be made not to go with the experienced Turk. Wilkins remains one of the league's top kickers, and Massey was signed to a new contract to be the long snapper. Questions surround the return game. The Rams hope Hagans is the punt returner and maybe the kickoff returner, too. Curtis was returning kickoffs in the June mini-cap, and Pyatt has ability there if he can stay healthy. The coverage units were better last season, and should improve even more with the added emphasis on bringing in players with special teams experience.

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    Re: Inside Slant--7-22-05

    It happens every year. Someone doesn't make it to camp on time. Last year it was Alex Barron, before that it was O Pace. For one reason or another, the Rams front office can't seem to get all thier draft picks and/or vets under contract in time for camp. Some things never change, and this is one of them. I expect not to see some draft picks in camp on time this year too. From what I've read, some agents haven't even heard from the Rams in weeks. Camp starts in just a few days. One drat pick, M setterstrom 7th rounder, has been signed. This is a real great way to start a new season with a new coaching staff. Isn't there enough uncertainty about this team without adding more by not knowing who will be in camp? They will have to sign 8 picks in just a few days to get everyone in camp on time. Don't count on it.


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