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    Milan Guest

    Intentional Grounding

    What the hell kind of call was that?

    A receiver blew a route and they call intentional grounding? Then you think they're talking it over and all they do is tell the Rams sideline to move down? We would have been up by 3 but instead we miss a 53 yarder. Some people are saying that the Refs have been under fire recently, and with idiotic calls like that, I see why.

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    SFCRamFan Guest

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    Agreed. These guys are awful. In fact, I saw some other calls today that made me scratch my head. :down:

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    Re: Intentional Grounding

    Officiating has been bad league wide all year long. I can't remember a year where the refs all over the NFL have been this bad.

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    Re: Intentional Grounding

    You're right, Ramsbruce. Refs caught alot of bad attention this season for the wrong reasons, that is, for the wrong calls.

    It's good that we won despite a very odd penalty. Some of the calls made, favorable or not to our Rams are just so incorrect, so silly. Such as those "roughing the passer" infractions. One Vs. Dallas when Martin was hit with a so-called "facemask against facemask" ... bah!

    Are QBs still playing professional football in the NFL?

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    Re: Intentional Grounding

    And to top it off the flag came long after the play was over. I guess they missed all of those over throw passes by Bledsoe.:tut

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: Intentional Grounding

    They just need to come up with a 5 yard variety of roughing the passer, or unnecessary roughness. The only 15 yard penalties should be for blatent fighting, or hanging on to the facemask, etc... the late hits that are still part of your momentum are always questionable calls, and they rarely call the 5 yard facemask. Only if there is an extra push on a late hit, or it was severly late, or extremely violent should it be a 15 yard penalty.

    And yes this would just be up to the refs discretion, but they should just be told to always give the 5 yard penalty for all of these infractions UNLESS they have a reason to tack on 10 more yards for the excessive part.

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    moklerman Guest

    Re: Intentional Grounding

    That's the worst part about all the roughing the passer calls, the NFL has made it clear that it's going out of it's way to protect the qb at all costs--but qb's are getting hurt now more than ever. I happen to think that all this "protection" has just made qb's soft. I don't think these animals on defense should get a free shot on the qb, but Little missed a sack on Bledsoe last night because he was worried about hitting him in the wrong area or too hard. If your helmet touches the qb, that's a flag. If you touch the qb's helmet, that's a flag. If you hit the qb below the knee's, that's a flag. If you hit the qb to hard, that's a flag. If you tackle the qb and land on top of him, that's a flag. I think most defenders are at the pont now that they have to decide to just make a good hard hit, hope they knock the qb out of the game and just take the penalty. There's no point for them to try and make a legal hit.


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