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Careful there Jud, you are inviting the "THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR LOOSING!!!!" Crowd to come in and hammer you. I think AvengerRam was the smart one here in refusing to try and counter the screaming and yelling and defend our team. I am a true Rams fan. I stand by my team through thick and thin. I support and DEFEND them, even against other "so called" fans who spend all their time trashing their own team. And I don't want to hear any more, "I just want them to be competitive." when it has already been stated by a number of them that the only measuring stick those people use is points and wins. They couldn't care less how the team actually plays. Just how many points they score and if they win. We hung tough in both the Eagles and Giants games. But that doesn't count because we didn't score enough points. No matter that we outplayed the Giants if most aspects of the game OTHER than score. And the only real reason we lost the Eagles games is we had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns. Replace the FGs with TDs and we should/could have won it.

So congratulations rabid vocal minority you drove me off. Have fund spending the rest of the season trashing your own team.

Great post !!! loved it

Their many reasons why the things are the way they are right now not just winning and losing , Since 1958 the one thing I have always loved about our rams is they always had heart and never gave up !

This year i have seen them play with a lot less heart than before which saddens me greatly . A couple things I'm worried about is our young QB he has started looking a bit like some of our QB's from the past Mark he was a very good QB until he started getting hammered so bad that he never recovered and became a back up with other teams , I'm starting to see Bradford doing the same things he did now , I would hate to see such a bright future get train wrecked over the same problems .

The other thing is we have the worse schedule I have ever seen in past years , Not sure who we pissed off in the front office but holly crap , this years schedule its no wonder were having problems having to play teams that are some of the best in the NFL .

No excuses tho ! We seem to have lost have lost the fundamentals of the game , These player are not new to football period . I like our HC , But over many years of watching the NFL and our team many coordinators just are not made up or have the were with all to make it as a HC and all the added responsibility it takes . I could name a few but wont lol , Rams fans know what I'm talking about .

Fundamentals should already be installed in their minds as professionals in the NFL imo
! I will always stand side by side with our Rams no matter what !!! But I think that the problems go beyond the players sad to say . I'm hopping we can find a way to win and find the confidence and heart we once had , We looked so flat footed with a bit of a careless type of attitude with little to no spark in our step , someone has to get these guys fired up and I don't know if Spag's is the guy to make that happen , I hope so . the last HC we had with that was Dick , take a look at that turned a team around from nothing to SB champs , granted he had a running back and two wide outs and who knew about that Warner was going to be what he turned out to be .

But when a team can be inspired from their bones to their heart things can and do happen as we have seen .