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Thread: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

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    Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    Slot Receivers
    June 2nd, 2011 | Author: Khaled Elsayed

    In our continuing breakdown of various aspects of wide receiver play, next up is a look at slot receivers.

    We’re talking yardage, touchdowns, receptions and … well, let’s just say there’s so much information on slot receivers that the thought of getting it all down scared me a little bit. Coming at it from a number of angles, this 2010 slot receiver data paints a picture of who is getting slot opportunities and who is doing the most with them.

    So without further ado, let’s get into it.

    (Note: Only players who lined up in the slot at least 100 times qualified for this study and any other qualifying marks are noted per table.)

    Time Spent in the Slot

    The best place to start is with who lined up in the slot most often. It may surprise a few to see Jason Avant ahead of guys like Wes Welker (who finishes ninth) and Danny Amendola (fifth), but the Eagle was No. 1 in 2010. It’s a pretty self explanatory list so I’ll let the table of the top fifteen do the work for me. As always, if you have a question regarding where your favorite player fits in to any of this, feel free to contact me.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Snaps, 2010
    Rank Player Team Slot Snaps
    1 Jason Avant PHI 622
    2 Hines Ward PIT 606
    3t Jordan Shipley CIN 566
    3t Anquan Boldin BLT 566
    5 Danny Amendola SL 561
    6 Donald Driver GB 520
    7 Eddie Royal DEN 495
    8 Marques Colston NO 484
    9 Wes Welker NE 472
    10 Jerricho Cotchery NYJ 455
    11 Nate Burleson DET 449
    12 Miles Austin DAL 439
    13 Mike Thomas JAX 430
    14 Blair White IND 429
    15 Earl Bennett CHI 411

    Taking the snap numbers a step further, let’s see who spent of their time in the slot. Moving up to the No. 1 spot is David Nelson of the Bills, who spent 94.35% of his total snaps in the slot. No real surprise for those who watched the Bills with Nelson working predominantly in three and four receiver sets where he caught 58.06% of his balls over the middle and short of ten yards.

    Wide Receivers, Percentage of Snaps in Slot, 2010
    Rank Player Team % of Snaps
    1 David Nelson BUF 94.35%
    2 Jordan Shipley CIN 93.25%
    3 Brandon Stokley SEA 89.54%
    4 Austin Collie IND 84.25%
    5 Danny Amendola SL 84.23%
    6 Eddie Royal DEN 81.01%
    7 Roscoe Parrish BUF 78.59%
    8 Blair White IND 78.28%
    9 Chansi Stuckey CLV 77.47%
    10 Jason Avant PHI 77.08%
    11 Early Doucet ARZ 73.31%
    12 David Anderson HST 73.11%
    13 Max Komar ARZ 72.22%
    14 Sammie Stroughter TB 72.00%
    15 Earl Bennett CHI 71.73%


    Establishing which players spend most of their time in the slot brought with it the names of a lot of guys you’d expect; the smaller, shiftier types. So the first relative shock of our findings is that Marques Colston generated more yardage from the slot than any other player in the league. What’s notable about Colston here is that he’s the only guy listed above 6’ 1” to make the Top 15 in slot yardage.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Yards, 2010
    Rank Player Team Slot Yards
    1 Marques Colston NO 696
    2 Danny Amendola SL 662
    3 Wes Welker NE 585
    4 Jordan Shipley CIN 576
    5 Jason Avant PHI 569
    6 Anquan Boldin BLT 561
    7 Donald Driver GB 542
    8 Austin Collie IND 509
    9 Eddie Royal DEN 504
    10 Mike Thomas JAX 498
    11 Santana Moss WAS 486
    12 Earl Bennett CHI 460
    13 Percy Harvin MIN 452
    14 Hines Ward PIT 448
    15 Nate Burleson DET 447


    What makes Colston’s yardage total all the more remarkable is that he had 27 fewer receptions from the slot than the No. 2 yardage man, Danny Amendola. By quite some distance, Amendola caught more balls than any other while lined-up out-flanked by another receiver. It goes some way to showing you how much of a safety valve he was for rookie quarterback Sam Bradford, and how wise teams that are looking to play rookie quarterbacks may be to offer a similar option who thrives on the underneath routes.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Receptions, 2010
    Rank Player Team Slot Rec
    1 Danny Amendola SL 80
    2 Wes Welker NE 64
    3 Marques Colston NO 53
    4 Austin Collie IND 50
    5 Jason Avant PHI 49
    6 Jordan Shipley CIN 48
    7t Eddie Royal DEN 47
    7t Percy Harvin MIN 47
    9 Donald Driver GB 44
    10 Santana Moss WAS 43
    11 Anquan Boldin BLT 39
    12 Nate Burleson DET 38
    13t Mike Thomas JAX 36
    13t Brandon Stokley SEA 36
    15t Earl Bennett CHI 34
    15t Blair White IND 34
    15t Chansi Stuckey CLV 34


    While the top reception guys, Amendola, Welker, and Colston also rise to the top of the following slot targets list, be sure to note Eddie Royal’s appearance in the Top 5. A big reason why Amendola finished with more slot receptions is because he was quite obviously targeted a great deal more than everyone else, but there are players like Royal that got the looks without converting them nearly as often.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Targets, 2010

    Rank Player Team Slot Targets
    1 Danny Amendola SL 107
    2 Wes Welker NE 86
    3 Eddie Royal DEN 82
    4 Marques Colston NO 78
    5t Donald Driver GB 71
    5t Jordan Shipley CIN 71
    7 Jason Avant PHI 69
    8t Percy Harvin MIN 65
    8t Anquan Boldin BLT 65
    10 Santana Moss WAS 62
    11 Austin Collie IND 61
    12 Nate Burleson DET 59
    13t Earl Bennett CHI 54
    13t Hines Ward PIT 54
    15 Mike Thomas JAX 53

    Catch %

    The next logical step here is to get a glance at who was, in fact, converting most of their chances into receptions. Looking at those with at least 50 slot targets, we see Royal slip out of the Top 15 and Donald Driver nearly do the same while Austin Collie shoots up to Amedola-Welker-land.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Catch Percentage, 2010
    Rank Player Team Slot Targets Slot Rec Slot Catch%
    1 Austin Collie IND 61 50 81.97%
    2 Danny Amendola SL 107 80 74.77%
    3 Wes Welker NE 86 64 74.42%
    4 Percy Harvin MIN 65 47 72.31%
    5 Jason Avant PHI 69 49 71.01%
    6 Brandon Stokley SEA 51 36 70.59%
    7 Santana Moss WAS 62 43 69.35%
    8 Chansi Stuckey CLV 50 34 68.00%
    9 Marques Colston NO 78 53 67.95%
    10 Mike Thomas JAX 53 36 67.92%
    11 Jordan Shipley CIN 71 48 67.61%
    12 Blair White IND 51 34 66.67%
    13 Nate Burleson DET 59 38 64.41%
    14 Earl Bennett CHI 54 34 62.96%
    15 Donald Driver GB 71 44 61.97%

    Depth of Target

    What’s a bit more interesting is a look at how far down the field these targets were coming. There were 20 receivers who were targeted at least 50 times while playing in the slot, and here’s the average distance of the ball thrown at them. What you get to see is how different teams use their players differently in the slot. Teams like St Louis and New England ask their slot men to attack with underneath routes, while teams like New Orleans and Pittsburgh tend to push seams and get their slot options moving upfield.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Target Depth, 2010

    Rank Player Team Depth of Target
    1 Danny Amendola SL 5.30
    2 Wes Welker NE 5.45
    3 Chansi Stuckey CLV 5.76
    4 Nate Burleson DET 6.80
    5 Percy Harvin MIN 6.98
    6 Brandon Stokley SEA 7.12
    7 Santana Moss WAS 7.79
    8 Austin Collie IND 8.18
    9 Jordan Shipley CIN 8.89
    10t Eddie Royal DEN 9.21
    10t Miles Austin DAL 9.21
    12 Donald Driver GB 9.46
    13 Blair White IND 9.59
    14 Earl Bennett CHI 9.72
    15 Jerricho Cotchery NYJ 9.73
    16 Mike Thomas JAX 9.81
    17 Jason Avant PHI 10.52
    18 Anquan Boldin BLT 11.63
    19 Marques Colston NO 11.69
    20 Hines Ward PIT 11.81

    Yards Per Catch

    That last list leads in quite nicely to the yards per catch portion of the piece, with those with the highest average depth of target also finishing with the highest yard per catch. Worth noting that the following list came about after editing it down to look at receivers who had at least 25 receptions from the slot, otherwise Mike Wallace, Johnny Knox and Desean Jackson would have runaway with this award, despite picking up relatively few slot receptions.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Yards per Catch, 2010
    Rank Player Team Slot YPC

    1 Hines Ward PIT 14.93
    2 Miles Austin DAL 14.60
    3 Anquan Boldin BLT 14.38
    4 Greg Jennings GB 14.28
    5 Mike Thomas JAX 13.83
    6 Earl Bennett CHI 13.53
    7 Marques Colston NO 13.13
    8 Jordy Nelson GB 13.00
    9 Jerricho Cotchery NYJ 12.93
    10 Donald Driver GB 12.32
    11 David Nelson BUF 12.06
    12 Jordan Shipley CIN 12.00
    13 Nate Burleson DET 11.76
    14 Jason Avant PHI 11.61
    15 Roscoe Parrish BUF 11.57

    Yards After The Catch

    Which slot receivers helped out their quarterbacks the most with yards after the catch? Unsurprisingly we see familiar faces in Amendola, Welker, and Royal near the top. Again, it’s not really until you get to Marques Colston that you get a real “different” type of receiver when you consider he doesn’t run quite so many underneath routes in the Saints offense.

    Wide Receivers, Slot Yards After the Catch, 2010
    Rank Player Team Slot YAC
    1 Danny Amendola SL 349
    2 Wes Welker NE 302
    3 Eddie Royal DEN 283
    4 Nate Burleson DET 274
    5 Percy Harvin MIN 273
    6 Austin Collie IND 252
    7 Santana Moss WAS 236
    8 Miles Austin DAL 208
    9 Jason Avant PHI 196
    10 Donald Driver GB 194
    11 Mike Thomas JAX 188
    12 Marques Colston NO 187
    13 Jordan Shipley CIN 186
    14t Anquan Boldin BLT 182
    14t Jordy Nelson GB 182

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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    Interesting stats. Looks to me like we've got one of the best, if not the best slot receiver in the NFL. Too bad this breakdown didn't include impossible circus catches, because Amendola would have topped the list in that category too.
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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    Those who undervalue Amendola should look no further. This just proves his worth to this team. You're hard pressed to find another player, regardless of team, who perform better.
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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    At one point I did the stats for it and I think in 2009 his average yards downfield where he caught the ball averaged something like 3 yards beyond the line of scrimmage (he had many that were caught behind the line so it really made it ugly). Expanding to 5.3 is nice, hope he can get it to 6 going forward. It would be nice if his average catch + YAC was 12+ yards.

    Last year it seemed the Rams primary offensive goal was to get to 3rd and short. That's not going to be the case in 2011. When you basically exclude the likelihood of getting a first down on 1st and 2nd, you set yourself up for a long day.
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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    Anyone still wondering if Amendola might be off the team this year? Anyone thinking that Salas or Pettis would be taking his spot now?

    Picking Amendola up from the Eagles has been nothing but a complete ripoff in favor of us. Avant seemed to do ok last year for the Eagles in the slot, playing the most snaps of anyone there, but despite those snaps, he didn't do nearly as much as Amendola, given only 49 catches in over 600 snaps.

    The fact that he has gotten no love from the overall NFL community is absolutely horrendous. Two years ago, I think he led the league in all-purpose yards, and then he put together the best slot receiver year last year. Now that he WILL be the "Welker" in our new offense and Sam is in his second year and should be much better, hopefully the rest of the league will wake up and see who one of their best players is.
    I believe!

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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    You'd hate to see Amendola lose his spot on the team after such an important contribution but I think it's far from clear whether that role he filled so admirably will exist or not. A lot of what he caught "should' have gone to a TE or RB even in a dink n' dunk WCO. I'm intrigued to see if The Rams try to use him 5 yards further down the field(where Royal worked as the slot guy in McD's O) or keep him as a pass-catching RB in WR clothing.Ironically,I wonder if it might not be Salas or Pettis who puts Danny on the bubble as a significant offensive contributor but a 3rd down back FA or one of the pass-catching TEs.

    We hear that McD is a creative adapter of strategy to available talent so I hope we'll also find that there's room for both Amendola and the other guys but I also definitely hope that The Rams get more yards and scoring from the slot & just the middle of the field in general, whatever combo of players works it.

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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    I think we're forgetting a couple things. First, Welker had his best years under McDaniels and it wasn't even close. 3 consecutive 1000 yard seasons out of the slot. This tells me that McDaniels game plans strongly involve an Amendola-type player who matches up well with linebackers and safetys. Second, Amendola put up these numbers while often being double-teamed on third downs by opposing cornerbacks since he was the only WR that could catch. Finally, Amendola is a proven commodity, and there is absolutely no proof (yet) that Salas/Pettis will be like Gilyard, or actually contribute as a rookie. Of all of the WR's spots that I think it set, IMO it would be his at slot.

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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    Wide Receivers, Slot Catch Percentage, 2010
    Rank Player Team Slot Targets Slot Rec Slot Catch%
    1 Austin Collie IND 61 50 81.97%
    2 Danny Amendola SL 107 80 74.77%
    If the reasons for Bradford's successful rookie campaign were on trial, THIS would be exhibit 1.

    Put yourself in Bradford's helmet. You're a rookie QB who is looking for a way to slow the game down to a manageable pace. You know the playbook, you know the assignments, but the game just hasn't slowed down on every snap yet. You have a target who is open almost immediately after the snap AND he will pull in 3 out of 4 balls you send his way.

    That's a heckuva security blanket for the young Sooner.

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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    Amendola's slot play is awesome. He adds alot more to our team besides slot play. Special teams and his heart and desire need to be added to his overall value!

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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    But whats his forty time? Whats his vertical?

    The guy is five foot nothing, hundred and nothing.

    ....Oh you mean there is more to football than combine measurements?
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    Re: Interesting stats on Danny Amendola ..

    Wes Welker who??? Great stats Mr. danny

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