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Thread: Interesting Stuff From Peter King on Fisher's Decision

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    Interesting Stuff From Peter King on Fisher's Decision

    First of all, King had this to say about Fisher's preferences:

    Non-playoff team bonus noteworthy event: Jeff Fisher didn't choose against Miami as much as he chose St. Louis. Simply put, Fisher wanted to avoid another situation like he had in Tennessee, where owner Bud Adams, if he chose, could tell him what to do on personnel. Adams told him in 2006 to take Vince Young in the first round. Fisher didn't want to do that, but it was Adams' call. Now, understand this: I'm told reliably Fisher did not ask the Rams or Dolphins for final say on draft day, or total control over the roster. All he wanted was the ability to -- in the event he was categorically opposed to a decision being made by the general manager -- have a mechanism in place for a third party, like an owner, to decide which way the team would go. St. Louis was fine with that. Miami wanted to leave ultimate personnel authority with the GM, Jeff Ireland.
    Seems like a little thing for Miami to surrender with owner Stephen Ross wanting Fisher badly, but consider this: The last six Super Bowl winners leave the final draft and personnel say up to the general manager. Maybe Miami should have given in, but that would have violated Ireland's contract and changed the structure Ross wanted in place. ... and flown in the face of the way most (but not all) winning teams operate.
    He then had this interesting insight regarding the roles of Marvin and Kevin Demoff:

    Now for some full disclosure.
    Weird harmonic convergence of sorts in the last couple of weeks. Let me explain.
    My agent for television negotiations is a lawyer from California named Marvin Demoff, who has represented many high-profile players and coaches over the years. His son, Kevin Demoff, is the executive vice president of football operations and chief operations officer of the St. Louis Rams. I've known Kevin, through Marvin, since he was in college.
    Marvin Demoff is also the agent for Jeff Fisher, who is in the process of agreeing to terms on a contract to coach the Rams. Last week, Fisher was torn between the Rams and the Dolphins when making a final decision about where he wanted to coach in 2011 and beyond, and he chose the Rams, and I'm sure many people in the football business, and fans smart enough to see what was going on, thought: Of course Fisher went to St. Louis. Marvin Demoff is taking care of his son.
    If you feel I'm incapable of being straight down the middle in covering the Fisher story, I understand. I wouldn't try to convince you otherwise. Just know that I'm trying to be balanced about it; you'll be the judge whether I am or not.
    The larger story, though, seems to me to be the inference I've heard in some circles that the fix was in with Fisher and the two Demoffs. I spoke to Fisher last night about it. I'm not asking you to believe that this would be reported the same way if it were the Washington Post investigating whether this was an inside job. But I thought the best way to look into whether the Demoffs had compromised the process was to ask Fisher a couple of boilerplate questions. Here they are, with his responses:
    Q: Did you ever feel Marvin Demoff was trying to move you toward St. Louis, in any way?
    Fisher: "Under no circumstances at any time. I have 100 percent conviction on that. This was my decision, and Marvin assisted me. I was the one who decided. No one pushed me anywhere.''
    Q: How did you decide?
    Fisher: "From day one, when I began this process after the season, I felt Miami and St. Louis were my best options. I did my research. I looked at every team that had an opening. I looked at the personnel on each team, I looked at the owners, I looked at the cap situations, and I narrowed it to two. Not Marvin. Me. Marvin didn't push me. I am convinced he was completely objective.''
    Fisher went on to say at the start of the process he was interested in a team that had a good owner and good quarterback, and he felt St. Louis had the best combination of both.
    My interpretation, which I stated higher in this column, is that the fact that the Dolphins wanted to keep their GM-with-the-roster-power structure in place was a factor in Fisher choosing the Rams. Not the major factor, but a factor at the end that played into Fisher picking St. Louis.

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    Re: Interesting Stuff From Peter King on Fisher's Decision

    If this is all true I love everything I'm reading.

    I can appreciate the need to have the mechanism in place and I love how the media turned it into a Power Struggle with him demanding full control and turning some fans against him before day one.

    I work in the media and understand all to well. Ignore everything until the dust settles. : )
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    Re: Interesting Stuff From Peter King on Fisher's Decision

    Wow. If all of this is true it seems to me that Ross was being unreasonable to say the least. Let's be clear here: Jeff Fisher was NOT asking for the final say in team personnel. He was simply requesting that a mechanism be in place that gave him a chance to plead his case before a 3rd party (obviously, most likely the owner) so he would not be held hostage by the GM or anyone else.

    I am a little surprised that this is not the case everywhere in the league. But, at any rate, had to laugh that this mechanism would somehow "violate" Ireland's contract. Ahahahaha...Lol

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense Mr. Ross. Gee, thanks for your obtuseness. As a Rams fan it is MUCH appreciated!!


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    Re: Interesting Stuff From Peter King on Fisher's Decision

    The Vince Young situation was simply intolerable and I can see why Fisher would be careful in regards to personal being shoved down his throat.

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    Re: Interesting Stuff From Peter King on Fisher's Decision

    Quote Originally Posted by swatter555 View Post
    The Vince Young situation was simply intolerable and I can see why Fisher would be careful in regards to personal being shoved down his throat.
    Exactly,completely understand why Fisher wanted this power he didnt want to be put in the same position as in Tennessee.He is the coach his ass is on the line first and foremost if he doesnt win he needs to be satisfied with the personnel so he can set himself up to win.He doesnt want to be a control freak Fish just wants to have some input on who is drafted/signed which makes perfect sense and he has the experience/pedigree to ask for such power.

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